Voortman launches very compact plate cutting machine

Finally, the moment has come: Voortman Steel Machinery introduces their very compact Voortman V302 plate cutting machine. Because of the simplicity of the Voortman V302, all steel processing companies now have access to the renowned cutting technologies the reputable quality Voortman has been known for. Functionality and performance is never sacrificed because Voortman understands what is required to complete your production task successfully.


Most of you already know about the Hypertherm® True Hole™ and Kjellberg® Contour Cut technologies. During plasma cutting, these technologies for mild steel produce significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma. Equally important, these technologies are delivered automatically without operator intervention, to produce an unmatched hole quality.

Voortman now offers the new SigmaNEST X1 on all plate processing machines

SigmaNEST is a nesting software used for plate processing machines. Because of our close partnership with SigmaNEST, Voortman now offers the new SigmaNEST X1 on all plate processing machines. This new release of the sheet and plate CAD/CAM system offers improved functionality for CNC punching, laser cutting, and plasma cutting machines. Next to this the new SigmaNEST X1 helps you nest more complex geometry, work with parts more efficiently, and navigate jobs more effectively. High productivity means shorter cycle times, less manpower needed, and minimal scrap. All three impact the bottom line significantly. As technology and machinery in manufacturing becomes more intuitive and sophisticated, it only makes sense that your processes should too.

The added value of Industry 4.0 in steel processing

For about two years now, ‘Industry 4.0’ is being referred to by a lot of experts in the manufacturing industry. But what does it mean exactly and, more importantly, what is its added value for you?


MRP, ERP and MIS are three abbreviations which are often mistaken for each other. As you can see in the infographic below, ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) is the overall software system where MRP (Manufacturing Resources Planning) can be a separate software package or a module of a total ERP software solution.

Costs of downtime

Imagine that you have certain steel processing machines in one production line, all handlings go very fast and correct. But then, one machine shuts down. What do you do?

The secret behind Voortman’s extensive market knowledge

Recently the Voortman Steel Group has merged two of its subsidiaries (Voortman Staalbouw and Voortman Dak en Wand) into one consolidated company: Voortman Steel Construction.

Voortman Steel Construction is one of the biggest steel fabricators in The Netherlands, processing 30.000 tons of structural steel per year. Such tonnage is achieved due to the performance and reliability of the fully automated Voortman machines in their workshop.

Voortman launches dedicated website for India and South East Asia

Voortman Steel Machinery, part of the Dutch Voortman Steel Group and well-known manufacturer of machinery for steel fabrication and plate processing, established its Indian operations in June 2015. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Voortman Steel Group, Voortman Steel Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. looks after the business operations of India and South East Asia (SEA) including sales and customer service activities.

Gain peace of mind with Voortman Customer Services

As a result of many years of experience we understand how to make the lives of our customers easier and more convenient through extensive services. Interested in how it works? Watch the real case scenario video to see how our teams work seamlessly together.

Voortman V505-160T

Voortman’s continuous goal is to improve productivity and capability by design. With this in mind, the Voortman V505 160T angle punching and shearing machine for the transmission tower fabricator was developed. The design and engineering team along with seasoned tower manufacturers pooled their ideas to create the V505-160T which now boast the most productive, most capable with standard features such as triple tool, piece marking and highest positioning speed in the market today. Combine this with the most efficient nesting and scrap material management which is an integral part of Voortman propriety VACAM software.

Shot blaster demonstrations by Voortman during SteelDay

On September 25th 2015, Voortman will demonstrate its VSB1500 shot blasting machine during SteelDay. SteelDay is an AISC event, hosted at Voortman customer Steel and Pipe Supply in New Century, Kansas. The Steel and Pipe Supply Processing Tour features not only the Voortman shot blaster but also the largest open shapes laser in North America.

Improved inner contours with Xtensive Hole Performance

In the previous article “Optimized hole quality with Xtensive Hole Performance” we explained how Voortman optimized the plasma cutting technologies True Hole (from Hypertherm®) and Contour Cut (from Kjellberg®) to what we call Xtensive Hole Performance.

Voortman Steel Machinery starts Indian operations

Voortman has recently established its Indian operations. Effective since June 2015, Voortman Steel Machinery India Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Voortman Steel Group, will look after the business operations of India and South East Asia (SEA) including sales and customer service activities. With the establishment of its Indian operations, Voortman aims to service customers with the best possible solutions and support functions while taking care of local conditions and requirements.

Voortman introduces a new inkjet marking unit for plate processing operations

Voortman Steel Machinery developed a new inkjet marking unit to enable faster marking possibilities for the Voortman V304 and future plate processing systems. The inkjet marking unit is able to mark lines, texts and layout. It is designed to operate with the greatest accuracy, to guarantee high quality markings.

New Voortman 3D plasma bevel unit

The new Voortman 3D plasma bevel unit is designed in a way that the gas valves are as near as possible to the end process (plasma arc). These gas valves also control the gas flow during the ramp down cycle of the plasma torch (end of cut). The further the gas valves are from the end process, the harder it is to control the gas specifically at this point. This will result for instance in a longer post flow and larger deviations in the gas flow. These larger deviations will then again result in a decrease of consumable life. Voortman optimized the ramp down by bringing the gas valves as near as possible to the end process which extends consumable lifetime.

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