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Voortman offers solutions for the production of process piping. The term “process piping” generally refers to the system of pipes that transport process fluids (e.g., air, steam, water, industrial gases, fuels, chemicals) around an industrial facility. Voortman is a manufacturer of beam, plate and pipe processing machines and offers specific hardware and software solutions to produce pipe racks, supports, flanges and pipe connections.

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We did an extensive market research to define all the jobs to be done and which challenges are faced. Based on our experience and research we offer the best machines for the production of process piping. Are you curious about the newest developments for this market?

Value added solutions of Voortman to the production process of process piping

When it comes to the production process piping, Voortman delivers you solid steel solutions to optimize your production.

  1. Voortman Shotblaster offers you high quality and automation, suitable for plates and profiles.

  2. For storage and logistical operations, Voortman offers you several solutions such as inventory management, remnant tracking and plate buffering.

  3. When it comes to plate and pipe processing, Voortman offers you the most flexible machine which can process pipes and plate at the same station, this saves you lots of space. Besides the possibility for both plasma & oxyfuel cutting we can give you several non-destructive marking possibilities. The machine has even the possibility to drill, mill, countersink and tab. Perfect machine to produce parts for process piping. Such as flanges, pipes, pipe connections, support plates and much more.

  4. Next to shotblasting and plate processing, Voortman offers you also several machines to drill and saw the profiles you need. Easy processing of pipe racks and other support structures.

  5. The Voortman V807 gives you the possibility to cut profiles in any shape you want, perfect fit to process transverse beams and columns for pipe racks.


Gubi Smedeteknik - Søren Gubi - Denmark

“We came to the Experience Center and by that moment I was sold.”
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Caterpillar Work Tools B.V. - Harold van Tooren - Netherlands

“With our new Voortman V304 plate cutting machine we are now able to automate bevelling which we used to do manually; this will save us more than 50% processing time.”
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MMI Industrial & Steel - Dusty Pinckard - United States

"We've been able to take on more jobs than we ever could have, and some jobs we couldn't have done without having the equipment."
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Egger Pumps - Gregory Dind - Switzerland

“Now with the Voortman machine, all processes are performed with the same machine. We have reduced production times on the milling machines, a better cut quality and less work cleaning the parts for internal post processing.”
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