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Testimonial Jac Reijns Staalconstructie

  • Location:
  • Core Business:
  • Employees:
  • Founded:
  • Alphen, Netherlands
  • Steel Fabrication
  • 14
  • 1981

“The reason to choose for Voortman was mainly because of the quality of the machinery, the easy to use VACAM and VACAD software and the fact that it is a Dutch company.”

Jac Reijns Staalconstructie

Jos Reijns from the Dutch steel construction company Jac Reijns Staalconstructie in Alphen, The Netherlands invested in a V613 / VB750 drilling,- marking- and sawing system from Voortman. In the first place for fully automatic processing of steel beams, but with the introduction of marking he expects to take advantage of great time savings.


The steel construction company was founded in 1981 by Jac and Marlies Reijns. Jos Reijns acquired the company from his parents and continued and expanded the current business activities. What began as an agricultural machinery company has been growing into a leading regional steel construction company in over 30 years. The company is specialized in steel constructions for warehouses, housing and utility construction, renovations and agricultural buildings were the latest techniques are used to obtain perfect results.

Replacing old saw / drill line

Managing Director Jos Reijns: “Our old sawing and drilling system was at the end of its technical lifetime and had to be replaced. Because marking is a hot item nowadays we decided to invest now. In this way we have the time to explore this new method, so we are fully equipped for the future. Besides fully automatic processing of steel beams we expect a lot of time saving due to marking and welding parts afterwards. Our investment consists of the V613 profile drilling system and the VB750 sawing system. The V613 is equipped with one rotating servo controlled drilling unit with a 10-fold tool changer. In addition, the machine is capable of automatic thread tapping which gives us the possibility to realize a higher production with the same number of employees. The VB750 band saw processes beams up to 750 mm wide and therefore suits excellent to our production needs, because 99% of our operations consist of sawing steel profiles up to 600 mm."

Why Voortman?

"The reason to choose for Voortman was mainly because of the quality of the machinery, the easy to use VACAM and VACAD software and the fact that it is a Dutch company. In case our operator needs assistance, it's easy to communicate in the native language. The installation happened in a correct way by neat engineers. We hope to take advantage of the machines in the future as we currently accepted a large order for 490 tons of steel. A total of 23 steel frames with a free span width of 40 meters in two directions."


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