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Testimonial Ryerson

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  • United States
  • Steel Service Center
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  • 1842

“Our ultimate goal is for our customers to receive the parts and put them right into their assembly or finished parts.”

Ryerson - Steel Service Center

The Ryerson business started back in 1842 when Joseph T. Ryerson opened his iron store along the banks of the Chicago River. Today, Ryerson is a services company that processes and distributes metals, with operations in the United States, Mexico, Canada, China and Brazil. Ryerson is headquartered in Chicago and employs approximately 4.000 employees in more than 100 locations.

Company expansion, providing extra services

Ryerson started the Goldsboro facility in Pikeville, serving fabrication needs throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Inventories include plate, sheet, rod, bar and tubing in aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel. Besides being known as a metal distributor, the Goldsboro facility invested in new equipment on the processing side to meet customer demands. Therefore, an expansion from 50.000 ft2 to 95.000 ft2 was made.

David Long: "Our ultimate goal is for our customers to receive the parts and put them right into their assembly or finished parts."

Voortman V330 - plate processing

One of the investments is the Voortman V330 plate processing machine. It consists of a separate drilling- and cutting table, each provided with its own independent moving gantry for simultaneously drilling and cutting. To be even more versatile, Ryerson requested cross transports to feed the drilling table. The operator can load up to four plates and transport one plate to the table and start the drilling process.

David Long: "This machine basically is a U-cell for an operator. He can be burning, drilling and loading his table at the same time."

To be more efficient in house, Ryerson wondered: “What orders can we nest together on a plate?” With the use of Voortman’s burning capabilities, Ryerson nests plasma orders and oxy orders on the V330 to process at the same time.

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Ryerson (Goldsboro)