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NEW VACAM updates available for your plate machine

We are continuously developing our VACAM CNC software. With the newest VACAM 4.9 version, several interesting NEW features have been developed for your plate processing machine. Take a look at the new features below to see how you can benefit! Interested? Ask about the possibilities!

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Plate buffer & Unmanned mode feature
Plate Position Verification feature
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Buffer Feature

Load multiple plates for unmanned running

The plate buffer feature offers the ability to add multiple plates to your cutting table and lengthen the period of unmanned running. It enables you to sequentially produce multiple nestings or products. VACAM’s buffer list ensures that plates will be processed in automatic order, without the need for manual intervention. Just load several plates, specify the zero points and you’re good to go!

Unmanned mode feature - Available for V310 only!

Although the Buffer Feature allows you to load and process multiple plates for a period of unmanned running, with machining operations on for example the V310, you will at some point have to deal with manually required brush cycles and tool changes. The Unmanned mode feature makes it possible to work around these required brush cycles and tool changes in a fully automatic way. By doing so, the maximum number of operations can be performed with the available set of tools for a longer period of unmanned drilling and cutting of multiple plates and nestings.

Plate Position Verification feature

Faster determination if a nesting fits in to the plate

The plate position verification feature enables you to verify whether your nesting fits into the plate at a faster pace. Instead of dry-running all operations in a nesting, this new feature allows you to run the outside contours of the nesting only, to determine whether the nesting fits into the plate. This significantly speeds up the verification process. Also, the entire verification process is more visible and easy for your operator since a clearly visible laser pointer is used for position verification instead of a moving torch only.

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this VACAM update

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