Strategy statement


“We work on reliability and continuity as an employer and manufacturer to be a predictable partner in a dynamic and increasingly complex world.”


Our mission is providing optimal solutions for the production of steel products for customers in the following branches:


Steel processing
& supply

& equipment

Oil, gas
& energy



Our solutions enable customers to increase output of production, reduce idle time throughout the process, increase occupancy of machines and reduce costs of operation. Together with our outstanding services during the entire lifecycle of our products we provide high up time of machines, predictability and continuity in production. We are focusing on innovation in an environment where continuous learning, reliability, safety and loyalty are shared values and where employee engagement is valued and supported.


We want to provide solutions for production of steel products to our customers increasing their production efficiency by challenging ourselves and thinking ahead, focusing on innovation and continuous learning.

“We are selling more than machines and services.
We are selling experiences”

We strengthen our position becoming the number one in automation which enables customers to increase their output that can be easily calculated upfront and be proven afterwards. We avoid interruption of production and reduce running costs of production operations by tailored services based on customer needs.

Strategic pillars

  Automation“Efficiency through technology.”
  • Voortman will be a worldwide leader in automation of machines, systems and processes to increase production efficiency and to reduce costs of production.
  • Increased automation of machines by taking over of operations from operators within machines, by automated handling between machines and by automated logistics.
  • Improvement of ease of use of machines, systems and processes to require less training for operators.
  Output maximization“It's all about output.”
  • Distinctive power through focus on maximization of output from machines, systems and processes in quantity and quality of products. Output focuses on the functionality, speed and continuity of the machines.
  • Focus on production times of machines, systems and processes.
  • Capable to pre-calculate production times.
  • Partner in development of optimal production solutions with our customers.
  Customer services“Value for life.”
  • A reliable partner for our customers to cover their need for Customer Services (tailored service).
  • Focused on minimization of interruption of production process for our customers.
  • Training of operators to maximize use of machine and reduce need for helpdesk or service.
  • Maintaining and building relationships with customers during entire lifecycle of machines based on customer needs.
  • Developing new tools for monitoring of Customer Services to be more effective in providing solutions and advice to customers.
  • Disciplined and Transparent: We do what we say!

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