Machinery for structural steel fabrication

With over 45 years of experience in the steel fabrication industry, Voortman knows what steel fabricators need to stay ahead in their competitive market. Producing steel structures requires technologically advanced machinery capable of processing a wide range of processes. Voortman manufactures machines to cover all aspects in processing structural steel including drilling, sawing, cutting, coping, assembling, welding, marking, cambering, punching, shearing, shot blasting and painting.

Our steel processing systems cover all processes for structural steel fabrication industries like the petrochemical industry, power industry, metal building industry, infrastructural industry and bridge building industry. From the construction of power and nuclear plants to manufacturing stairs, balconies, fences or even infrastructural works like bridges, barriers, tunnels and railways. Our machines will do it all.

Machines for this branch

Beam Processing

Voortman V600

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  • Horizontal drilling head
  • Small footprint
  • Versatile
  • Fast payback

Voortman V613

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  • Rotatable drilling head
  • Solid steel baseplate
  • Lower costs
  • Runs without operator

Voortman V630

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  • Three side drilling
  • Solid steel baseplate
  • Most productive
  • Runs without operator

Voortman VB Range

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  • -45°/+60° mitre cutting
  • Lowering and rotating table
  • Servo driven spindle
  • Fast material approach

Voortman V704

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  • Best marking quality
  • Runs without operator
  • Four side layout marking
  • Low consumable costs

Voortman V808

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  • 4 Side cutting/marking
  • Fast industrial robot
  • High-definition plasma
  • Direct DSTV import

Voortman V2000

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  • Section bending
  • Straightening of beams
  • Stroke memory for repetition
  • Optimal control

Plate processing

Voortman V302

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  • Reduced cut-to-cut cycle time
  • High quality holes
  • Plasma Marking & Carving(+)
  • Plasma & Oxy-fuel Cutting

Voortman V304

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  • Strong steel bridge
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Plasma cutting (two)
  • Oxy-fuel cutting (multiple)

Voortman V320

Drilling and cutting
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  • Combined drilling and cutting
  • Accurate positioning with gripper system
  • Revolutionary oxy-fuel torch (one)
  • Automatic part removal

Voortman V200

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  • Pre-cut plate drilling
  • Large plate sizes
  • Heavy table load
  • Automatic cycle

Flat and angle processing

Voortman V505-160T

Punching and shearing
Voortman V505-160T
  • Fully automated
  • High speed production
  • Minimal waste
  • Easy tool changing

Voortman V505M

Punching and shearing
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  • Steel fabricators
  • Clip angles
  • Flat bar processing
  • Automated handling

Voortman V70

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  • Easy and safe control
  • High visibility
  • Quick numbering
  • Manual operation

Voortman V3100

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  • Save floorspace
  • Organized material storage
  • Easy manual operation

Surface treatment

Voortman VSB Range

Shot blasting
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  • High power turbines
  • Long component life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Runs without operator

Voortman VP Range

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  • Solvent and water-based
  • Minimal overspray
  • Easy cleaning
  • Pre-heating and drying

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