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High flexibility in creating your optimal beam processing layout

Finding your optimal layout

Steel fabricators often face challenges like insufficient capacity, lack of manpower or limited facility workspace. A customized beam line tailored specifically to serve your business model helps lower overhead costs while improving your overall efficiency through Multi System Integration (MSI), which Voortman uses to connect machines into a robust production line.

It all starts with your needs

We’ll start by determining your optimal layout for beam processing. Every business is unique and an optimal layout depends on many factors. Everything is considered during consultation – the processes you perform, the types of profiles, your product lengths, your workshop space availability and your desired output to name a few. Voortman is very flexible and capable of customizing an optimal beam line layout in the most efficient way possible for every scenario. The modular build approach is used, which means more flexibility in processing sequence. For example, you can choose to to shot blast your material up front or at the end of processing. Another advantage to this modular system building is the ability to create a “split” configuration, where you could saw profiles with a separate sawing machine while drilling with a drilling machine at the same time.

This flexibility and industry knowledge was expressed by one of our customers during consultation with Voortman:  “We brainstormed on ways to get the facility the way we wanted and one day it just popped up in our head, ‘Hey, we can make a U-shape configuration work and get all the equipment we want.’ I think we owe a lot of that expertise to the Voortman people by helping us work through how we could best fit equipment into our facility and make it run as efficient as possible.” – Jon Haas, President, HME, Inc.

Some example layouts

Every business and construction is unique and an optimal layout depends on many factors. Voortman uses a data-driven approach, which takes many factors into account to determine the best layout and configuration to reach your business goals!

Explore layouts created for our customers

Hear it from
our customers

J&D Pierce Contracts LTD. - Derek Pierce - United Kingdom

The system is a large system and it has a tremendous amount of automation and it all worked almost perfectly the first time. The completed installation has exceeded my expectations.
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Leach Structural Steelwork Ltd. - Eric Leach - United Kingdom

"The new system has allowed us to make more use of our existing labour and deploy our existing staff over more shifts and more machines, which under certain circumstances can give us a 50 and a 100 percent increase in capacity."
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SCW Contracting Corp - Andy & Steve Scrape - United States

"These two pieces of equipment work seamlessly together. They produce at incredible rates. To have one without the other just wouldn't really make sense."
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SIA Cut Centre - Aleksandr Kolesnikov - Latvia

“Although the price/quality ratio was decisive, we were impressed by the expertise and advice of Voortman regarding our ideal workshop.”
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Van den Brink Staalbouw - Henk van den Brink - Netherlands

“Thanks to the new facility and machinery we can once again meet the market demands. At this point we produce between 10,000 and 15,000 tons of steel per year and realize prestigious projects.”
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Quality Iron Fabricators - Brian Eason - United States

“I walked into the shop the other day and the drill line was drilling, the saw was sawing and they completed their operations. There was no one in the building! All the equipment was running on its own!”
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Wolf System Gmbh. - Jens Meyer - Germany

“The layout convinced us and with the current configuration of our machinery we can operate the system with only one operator.”
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HME Inc. - Jon Haas - United States

“Voortman equipment definitely has much more intelligence than competitive machines. It is amazing how the software controls everything. Once a part enters the system you can forget about it, until it comes of the outfeed transfers.”
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