Testimonial Wolf System Gmbh.

  • Core business:
  • Location:
  • Tons per year:
  • Employees:
  • Founded:
  • Steel fabricator
  • Osterhofen, Germany
  • 33.000
  • 3.000 (worldwide at the Wolf group)
  • 1966

“The layout convinced us and with the current configuration of our machinery we can operate the system with only one operator.”

Wolf System - steel fabrication

In over 45 years the Wolf Group has developed into a major international business. Today, the Wolf Group is a leading and reliable partner with an unmatched reputation in trade and industry construction, construction in farming, concrete construction and as a builder of prefabricated housing. Wolf System GmbH has locations in Scharnstein (Upper Austria) and Osterhofen (Germany). Voortman was on site in Germany to interview Production Manager Jens Meyer.

Investment in Voortman equipment

Wolf invested in a shot blasting machine (VSB2500), a combined sawing (VB1050) and drilling (V630) line. These three machines are connected and communicating with each other in a so called 'Multi System Integration' automated beam processing line. The combined sawing and drilling line, also referred to as back-to-back saves floor space in the workshop of Wolf. In addition to these three integrated machines, Wolf also invested in a separate multi-processing plate cutting and drilling machine, the Voortman V330.

Wolf: "We chose for a combined plate drilling and cutting machine to perform both processes, on only one machine at the same time. With only a plate cutting machine you will always have the disadvantage that the cutting process happens on one machine and afterward the drilling process on the other."

Increasing performance & efficiency

"We chose for Voortman because we know Voortman as an innovative and high-quality supplier of steel processing machinery and the concept and layout ultimately convinced us. With the current configuration of our machinery, we can operate the shot blaster and the sawing and drilling system with short product removal system, with only one operator."


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