Testimonial Van den Brink Staalbouw

  • Core business:
  • Location:
  • Tons per year:
  • Number of employees:
  • Founded:
  • Steel fabrication
  • Barneveld, Netherlands
  • 15.000
  • 35
  • 1998

“Thanks to the new facility and machinery we can once again meet the market demands. At this point we produce between 10,000 and 15,000 tons of steel per year and realize prestigious projects.”

The road to steel fabrication

In 1980, Henk van den Brink started a crane rental company with his brother Klaas. Both were particularly interested in cranes, lifts and trucks. In addition to the rental, a lot of cranes were purchased along the years. From there, the road to a structural steel fabrication company was made. In 1998, Henk Van den Brink continued the steel construction company, while Klaas held on to the crane rental business.

Investing in Voortman equipment

In 2000, the steel construction company Van den Brink Staalbouw moved into a separate building and gained experience with Voortman by purchasing a punching and shearing machine that was later on accompanied by a V613 drilling machine and a VB750 sawing machine. The production continued to increase and at a certain point it was no longer possible to produce the amount of requests in the current facility. Production was run from 10.000 to 12.000 tonnes per year and still projects had to be outsourced to former steel builders. When the opportunity came along, Van den Brink purchased a nearby lot to build a new plant. For this new location, Van den Brink invested in a completely new Voortman system, consisting of a V630 drilling machine, a V704 marking machine and a VB1250 sawing machine. These machines are all connected to each other and create an automatic process from start to finish.

No doubt to choose for Voortman

In an earlier period, Van den Brink used some machines from other brands. "These were susceptible to failure and out of service for long periods. For a structural steel company this is not acceptable. Ever since, there has not been any doubt about choosing Voortman for all future investments."

In addition to the completely new workshop layout, Van den Brink invested in a V320 plate processing machine for plate drilling, cutting by plasma and oxy-fuel. The V550 punching and shearing machine, V613 drilling machine and VB750 sawing machine from the previous investments are also still in use.

Realizing prestigious projects

"Thanks to the new facility and machinery we can once again meet the market demands. At this point we produce between 10.000 and 15.000 tons of steel per year and realize prestigious projects such as logistics centers, sports centers and commercial buildings."

For instance, Van den Brink realized a logistics center at the Maasvlakte with an area of 70.000 m2. In 12 weeks they produced and assembled 3.300 tonnes of steel.


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