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Robotic plasma cutting: does the all-in-one solution exist?

We often get asked by steel fabricators if there is one ideal application solution capable of addressing all their processing needs. The most versatile application process in most cases is coping, and the machine capable of being as close to a “all-in-one” solution as possible is a robotic plasma processor – the Voortman V807. Combining the full motion freedom of a robot with the automation possibilities and flexibility of thermal plasma cutting and marking results in a processing machine with unrivaled possibilities.

Pushing boundaries

Most fabricators can benefit from the added possibilities of a robotic thermal coper. The process of designing and engineering has become more sophisticated since the introduction of 3-D modeling. Digital product modeling has been pushing the boundaries of geometrical forms for part production needed to complete the product or building design. Full digital integration of data workflow (from structural analysis to parts assembling) sets even greater demands for flexibility in both the production process and its application.

Full freedom in geometry

This is where robotic plasma processing with the Voortman V807 excels, offering freedom to produce whatever geometry you need from the raw stock. Where processes like drilling, milling, sawing and cutting with acetylene could be restricted by operating range or speed, robotic plasma processing offers an efficient replacement capable of handling all of those processes faster, in most cases. Rat holes, seismic structural design connections like slotted web and “dog bone” cuts, copes at the start or end of a product, block outs, holes in any size, weld preparations, marking on all sides – all of these are possible to process with a plasma unit and a robot.

Meeting high quality standards

While part geometry is becoming more complex, at the same time quality standards are increasing. Digital production data flow eliminates manual intervention from the 3-D modeling software, to work preparation, and finally to the machine, which provides a lower margin of error and increased quality and repeatability. In the V807’s case, the elimination of manual intervention also means the robot doesn’t require programming. Just import DSTV files and the V807 automatically generates cutting operations by analyzing the part geometry. This is all computed in Voortman’s VACAM control software, making it as easy to operate the V807 as any drill or sawing machine.

Hard to beat economic advantages

Having capacity and capabilities to grow is important, and a robotic plasma processing machine offers more economic advantages over splitting the process of drilling, milling, sawing, punching, shearing and marking steel. Not only does running all of these processes through one machine reduce the financial investment significantly, but it also requires much less space in the workshop with a smaller footprint.

Future expansion and integration in system

What if you need to add on to the production line in the future? The Voortman V807runs on the same VACAM control software as all other Voortman machines, meaning expanding the production line using the V807 as the foundational first machine is seamless. When you grow beyond current capacity and need to split up processes to compensate, it’s easy to combine the V807 with other Voortman machines as an integrated system.

VACAM software makes Multi System Integration (MSI) possible, which connects machines with roller conveyors and cross transports, creating one integrated processing system. This means each product or batch is imported only once on the main machine, which knows all of the possibilities and restrictions for all machines in the system. The primary machine automatically splits up tasks and operations to the most suitable machine in line, ensuring the most efficient production flow. Less operators are needed to run the system, and MSI reduces manual intervention to a minimum.

The V807 has it all

Whether it’s running as a stand-alone machine or part of an automatic processing system with multiple machines, the V807 robotic plasma processing machine offers the latest technology from both robotic and plasma cutting suppliers.

Combined with over 50 years of Voortman experience in steel fabrication, and the V807 is an integrated “all-in-one” machine capable of increasing your production capabilities and lowering overhead cost.


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Leach Structural Steelwork Ltd. - Eric Leach - United Kingdom

"The new system has allowed us to make more use of our existing labour and deploy our existing staff over more shifts and more machines, which under certain circumstances can give us a 50 and a 100 percent increase in capacity."
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HME Inc. - Jon Haas - United States

“Voortman equipment definitely has much more intelligence than competitive machines. It is amazing how the software controls everything. Once a part enters the system you can forget about it, until it comes of the outfeed transfers.”
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Quality Iron Fabricators - Brian Eason - United States

“I walked into the shop the other day and the drill line was drilling, the saw was sawing and they completed their operations. There was no one in the building! All the equipment was running on its own!”
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SCW Contracting Corp - Andy & Steve Scrape - United States

"These two pieces of equipment work seamlessly together. They produce at incredible rates. To have one without the other just wouldn't really make sense."
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