Customer Service Labels,

the superlative in quality

Keep your machine in top condition with our Customer Service Labels

We distinguish ourselves not only from the quality of our machines. We would also like to do something extra for our customers with our service. To ensure that our customers remain satisfied - even after purchasing our machines - and to continuously maintain the quality of our machines, we have developed Voortman Customer Service Labels.

Three service levels

With Voortman Customer Service Labels we offer three service levels, recognizable by the colors white, grey and red. White is the base level and red is the highest level. How does it work? Depending on your service needs, you choose the color that meets this requirement. Of course, it is possible to change the service level any moment your needs change.

Everything to optimize your Voortman machine

With Voortman Customer Service Labels we guarantee a service label that keeps your machines in top condition. Each label offers additional support, options, additional discounts and service. Including the delivery of parts and consumables for your machines. In short: everything to keep your Voortman machine running on top of everything, under all circumstances.


The benefits of our Customer Service Labels

  • The higher the service level, the higher the discount
  • Tailor made service strategy
  • Maximum output of your machine(s) thanks to support from our Customer Services
  • Our specialists have answers to all your questions

Support module

The starting point for all our services is the Support Module. It all starts with the availability of our remote support from Monday to Friday (24 hours) for a fixed price. We offer a discount on the Support Module based on the customer service label you’ve chosen. Each level offers you a discount on the Support Module.