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After an operator learns how to use VACAM on one machine, they’ll easily be able to operate another Voortman machine since all use the same user-friendly software. System component behavior is the same on all machines running VACAM software, and your operators can easily switch between machines without worrying about where commands and settings on the control screen are located after the initial VACAM training. The visual appearance and ease of use is standard and the same on all Voortman machines.


Every system layout is unique, and designed based on the customer’s production capacity needs now and into the future. During consultation, Voortman works with the customer to determine a design that uses each machine optimally in the system, preventing individual machines from becoming a bottleneck whenever possible.

MSI, also referred to as Multi System Integration, opens the door to fully automate your production by connecting machines with cross transports, roller conveyors, product buffers, and material sensors. Production data only needs to be imported once and then MSI automatically distributes the data to all machines integrated in your production system. Manually transporting materials through the production line can be eliminated by creating one integrated production system.


Everything from machinery available to transport systems is controlled automatically in a fully-automated voortman processing line. Operators don’t need to be present to manually move material between machines with joysticks, but instead can allow the series of sensors and software communication to work on most tasks between loading the raw product and unloading the finished part on the outfeed. Manual control is also available so operators can step in for manual intervention when desired .

There are many automated features to consider with your msi production line, including vacam buffer management, early infeed, center outfeed, and more, all capable of decreasing manual intervention and improving overall capacity and throughput.


A version of VACAM is also available for preparing and sending production data to the machinery in the factory from your office. You can check if producing what you need is possible prior to sending it to your machines in your system for production. Profile nestings can easily be exchanged between MRP software and VACAM using the industry-standard DSTV+ file format, no matter which third-party MRP software you use (StruMIS, ConstruSteel, FabSuite, FabTrol, etc.).

The user interface is focused on preparation activities and also provides real-time insights in the material load on the system so you can monitor your production process. With VACAM Office, production information is available throughout the entire company.


Not only can you check the real-time status of production from either VACAM Office or Machine, but you can also share the actual production data back with the MRP system. Get real-time insight on the progress of every project with a direct integration between VACAM and your chosen MRP system.


VACAM was created internally by Voortman’s software department, also in close consultation with Voortman Engineers who design the machinery. It is continually evaluated and improved with customer feedback and supported through updates and the support of a full software department to maximize advances in the way software can improve the efficiency of Voortman machine hardware. There are many benefits to having full control of machine operation software, including:

  • The machines and control software are designed specifically for each other.
  • Customers can easily adjust when projects change and have maximum flexibility to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their system.
  • Vast internal knowledge on software systems since the software developers work at Voortman.
  • Machines and software systems are used at our former steel construction company, which is now Severfield, as well as Voortman Parts, which is responsible for cutting plate parts for and my our machines. We know of and fix any issues between software and the systems before they ever have a chance to become a problem for our customers.
  • Hardware and software are both developed inside the Voortman Engineering Department, so we have full control to get the best out of all of our combined engineering disciplines.
  • Continues to be analyzed, updated, and supported through all customer and VSC feedback.


Voortman continues to improve VACAM Office and Machine software for increased performance. By installing software updates on the system, Voortman machines can benefit from software changes that enable a higher degree of automation, reducing manual labor costs.
Machine operations or material transport could be optimized without drastic changes to the machine’s design, simply from updating the software running the entire system. Internal control of the software means Voortman can push out updates after testing and quickly provide benefits to the customer throughout the lifetime of their machinery.

Smart Unloading

More efficient and faster unloading

Smart Unloading from Voortman ensures that the processed profiles are transported and sorted from the unloading zone to the storage area in a very simple and correct manner. Where previously the operator still had to get off his forklift to retrieve information, Smart Unloading makes it possible to work efficiently and Smartly by providing better information. The length and project number of the processed profiles in the unloading zones are presented on large screens located close to the workplace. Not only can the logistics be set up more efficiently and smarter in this way, but the production of the machines will also be increased because operators no longer have to write down project and phase data manually.

User-friendly overview of profiles

In addition to the project number, Smart Unloading also displays a visual representation of the profile length. This makes it easier for the operator to sort profiles per project or order. Another advantage is that operators do not need any experience with VACAM. At a glance you can see whether the profiles in the unloading zones correspond to what the screens are presenting and you can easily check whether they have been sorted correctly.


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