News - 10 November, 2020

More efficient and faster unloading with new VACAM feature

Smart Unloading

More efficient and faster unloading.

Smart Unloading

Smart Unloading from Voortman ensures that the processed profiles are transported and sorted from the unloading zone to the storage area in a very simple and correct manner. Where previously the operator still had to get off his forklift to retrieve information, Smart Unloading makes it possible to work efficiently and Smartly by providing better information. The length and project number of the processed profiles in the unloading zones are presented on large screens located close to the workplace. Not only can the logistics be set up more efficiently and smarter in this way, but the production of the machines will also be increased because operators no longer have to write down project and phase data manually.

User-friendly overview of profiles

In addition to the project number, Smart Unloading also displays a visual representation of the profile length. This makes it easier for the operator to sort profiles per project or order. Another advantage is that operators do not need any experience with VACAM. At a glance you can see whether the profiles in the unloading zones correspond to what the screens are presenting and you can easily check whether they have been sorted correctly.

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