Improved productivity 

Cross-transports with integrated magnets

The Voortman V505-160T punching and shearing machine owes its improved productivity to a number of features that enable high speed processing. Starting at the infeed side, the Voortman V505-160T is standard equipped with cross-transports with integrated magnets that separate the angle profiles from each other. With the sturdy tiltable roller conveyor, the angles are loaded very easily and fully automatic into the machine. The need to manually load the transports is therewith eliminated.


Fast servo driven gripper truck

Productivity is further improved by equipping the Voortman V505-160T with the fastest gripper truck on the market. The gripper truck is servo driven and runs at a maximum speed of 110 m/min. The gripper truck comes with a very accurate material sensor allowing full speed approach of the angle profile. The combination with the cross-transports with integrated magnets makes the complete infeed fully automatized, therewith eliminating the risk of undesirable variances caused by human errors at the start of the process. Both the infeed and outfeed are available in 6, 9, 12 or 15 meter configuration.


Powerful punching cylinder

The Voortman V505-160T has two rigid punching frames, each holding three rigid punching tools. On each punching frame a powerful 80 tons hydraulic cylinder is mounted which in turn punches angles up to a maximum thickness of 19 mm. The punching cylinder is mounted on two linear guidance rails and is driven with two pneumatic cylinders. This design enables a fast tool selection by which running speed is enhanced and productivity improved.

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