PaintingVoortman offers various primer lines specially designed for painting plates and profiles. They are all made out of high quality components for the best painting results.

Painting video


The VP Range of painting systems is equipped with airless painting guns. Paint is sprayed under high pressure through a little orifice which causes atomization of the paint. The connectors and paint hose connectors are made of stainless quality so the system can be used for solvent based as well as water based paint. Even zinc based coatings are possible because the paint is constantly circulated which prevents the small zinc particles from sinking to the bottom.

The lower spray unit is mounted at a fixed distance from the material, while the upper spray unit automatically adjusts its distance to the material according to the material dimensions measured by a sensor. The spray guns are mounted at an angle to the spray units to make sure both horizontal and vertical surfaces of the material are sprayed evenly.

The paint cycle is adjusted to the speed of the roller conveyor and based on the type of profiles to prevent unnecessary paint overlap, but to ensure that the required coating thickness is achieved on the whole profile. The distance between the profiles is measured by a sensor and the spray units will only spray paint when detecting a profile. This significantly reduces the amount of overspray and thus the amount of paint used.

A beam is coated in two cycles. A left-to-right cycle for spraying paint on the first view faces and a right-to-left cycle to cover the rest of the beam. A plate only requires one cycle from left to right to cover a whole section with an even layer of paint. Based on the material input the VACAM control software will constantly adjust the painting cycles to prevent unnecessary overlap but to achieve the required coating thickness.

Painting cycles

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