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With decades of experience, proven Beam Drilling machines and solutions and our responsive worldwide service, you can Accelerate Your Performance and make a difference with Voortman and lead the way in your market!

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For 50 years we have been developing machines and solutions for you as a steel fabricator. We focus on automation as a response to the ever-decreasing ability to find quality labor and rising labor costs, so you can lower your overall production costs and increase your margins.

You can ensure the utmost productivity, accuracy and reliability with one of Voortman’s CNC Beam Drilling machines. Our CNC Beam Drilling machines integrate many functions like drilling, milling, marking, countersinking, thread-tapping and more to increase capacity and automation and optimize your workflow. Due to Voortman's complete range of advanced Beam Drilling machines, there is a suitable Beam Drilling solution for every type of production or company.

Beam Drilling machines

Voortman V600 Beam drilling on a small footprint

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Voortman V633 High speed drilling, marking and milling

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Voortman V631 High speed beam drilling and milling

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Voortman V613 Single axis beam drilling

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Voortman V630 Three axis beam drilling and milling

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Drill saw line back-to-back Combined sawing and drilling

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Drill Saw Line or large fully automated systems

Voortman's CNC Beam Drilling machines are often included in a combined Drill Saw Line or even in larger fully automated integrated production lines, also referred to as Multi System Integration. Find out more about it below!

We understand your challenges

We understand the challenges that come your way, such as skilled labor shortage, high labor costs and increasing demands! Because of our own steel fabrication company - Voortman Steel Construction – and the interactions with users of the thousands Voortman Beam Drill Lines and machines installed worldwide, we understand your challenges like no other. Whether it is about optimizing your entire workflow, improving your production quality, adding or replacing processes and increasing automation in your workshop, we will work with you from the beginning to find the best Beam Drilling machine or solution.