News - 26 February, 2024

BASF: innovating with the Voortman MO Heavy-Duty system for precision pipe processing

Established in 1865 and headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany, BASF stands at the forefront of the chemical industry, continuously seeking ways to enhance its production capabilities. The company is taking significant strides in modernization by integrating the advanced Voortman Müller Opladen Heavy-Duty pipe cutting system into its pressure vessel manufacturing process. This strategic upgrade underscores BASF's commitment to improving production accuracy, efficiency, and safety, while minimizing manual labor reliance.

A few weeks back, we visited BASF together with Ralf Hamacher, who showcased the capabilities of the Voortman MO Heavy-Duty machine, highlighting the impact on optimizing pressure vessel production.

Industrial efficiency and precision for pipe processing

The Voortman MO Heavy-Duty machine excels in processing large pipes, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers and tanks with unmatched efficiency and precision. It's not just about handling big projects; it's about doing it with unmatched efficiency and precision. It handles both pipes and dished end, with pipe diameters up to 4,000 mm/160 inches and weights of 45 metric tons. This powerhouse machine boasts 6 CNC axes, enabling detailed 3D cutting with both plasma and oxyfuel, ensuring that no detail is too small to perfect. Its robust design is not just for show; it guarantees reliable, accurate profiling every time. And with advanced laser sensor technology, surface irregularities on pipes and dished ends are detected, guaranteeing consistent cut height control and top-quality cuts.

Patented rotating chuck to process pipes, domes and dished ends on small footprint

The Voortman MO Heavy-Duty system, used by BASF, features a patented tiltable chuck that efficiently switches between pipes and dished ends. The unique chuck rotates 90° for easy dished end cutting without needing extra floor space, optimizing workshop utilization.

Enhancing operator control

Overcoming the obstacles of cutting large pipes, the Voortman MO Heavy-Duty system features a height-adjustable operator’s platform and control computer. This synchronized adjustment ensures that operators have 100% control over their work, maintaining precision and safety even when dealing with immense pipe diameters that demand the utmost attention to detail.

Solutions for diverse production needs

The Voortman MO pipe processing machine range offers flexibility with three machine types catering to diverse production requirements. Each machine handles different profile types and pipe diameters, allowing operations to select the perfect match for their processing needs. From smaller pipe diameters for intricate custom work to larger-scale industrial manufacturing, the Voortman MO range adapts effortlessly to varied project challenges.


High-tech functions for round pipes with a diameter up to 900 mm (36") and a maximum pipe weight of 4 metric tons.

  • Standardized, compact machines.
  • Equipped with 6 CNC-controlled axes.
  • 3D cutting performed with plasma and oxy-fuel.
  • High-quality, reliable and accurate pipe profiling.
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Round pipes with a maximum diameter of 2.000 mm/80" and a pipe weight limit of 30 tons. Also suitable for square, rectangular pipes and dished ends optionally.

  • Versatile and highly accurate Pipe Cutting Machine.
  • 3D cutting performed with plasma and oxy-fuel.
  • Round pipes up to 2.000 mm / 80", square and rectangular pipes up to 640 x 640 mm, vessel heads up to 2.000 mm / 80".
  • Equipped with 6 or 7 CNC-controlled axes. Adding the optional 7th CNC axis allows you to cut squared & rectangular pipe.
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The heavy-duty pipe cutter for large diameter pipes, pressure vessels and heat exchangers up to 4000 mm / 160".

  • Complex pipe cutting on large diameter pipes, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers and tanks.
  • Round pipes and/or dished ends with a maximum diameter of up to 4.000 mm / 160" and up to a pipe weight of 45 metric tons.
  • Equipped with 6 CNC-controlled axes.
  • 3D cutting performed with plasma and oxy-fuel.
  • Extreme solid design.
  • High-quality, reliable and accurate pipe profiling.
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