Introducing the Voortman V623

Most autonomous combined drilling, milling & sawing for miscellaneous steel

Introducing the Voortman V623, a top-tier drilling, milling, and sawing machine designed for continuous, unmanned operation. The V623 can handle a very wide range of profiles, producing them efficiently with a logical output sequence that maximizes cross-transport use. What sets the V623 apart is its innovative gripper truck. This feature virtually eliminates clamping limitations, allowing for the automatic loading of almost any profile without the need for operator intervention or weld-ons.

Equipped with our advanced VACAM control software, the V623 supports operators in achieving peak efficiency. The software provides full visibility of all buffers on the infeed, outfeed, and short product removal, allowing for seamless management of the entire process.

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Compact and powerful

Offering exceptional flexibility and top-tier performance

The V623 speeds up production with three drilling units working on profile flanges and webs simultaneously. It's perfect for HSS and carbide drills, milling, thread tapping, countersinking, and layout marking. Versatile and efficient, it handles holes and milling with ease using SK40 units. With a second hydraulically driven gripper, this is the only machine that fully automatically performs double miters on both the front and back of a profile!

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Most Autonomous Machine in the Industry

Boost unmanned production

Efficient Tool Transfers

The central storage holds up to 42 tools, enabling smooth tool changes for the three drilling units and ensuring efficient operation. Adding new tools is easy. The storage, combined with a pneumatic tool handler, allows for uninterrupted production with minimal supervision. It simplifies moving tools from storage to the drilling spindle's tool changer and between changers for automatic switching, enhancing system efficiency for extended unmanned production.

NEW Innovative Gripper

The V623 empowers you to produce almost any profile up to 300 x 300 mm with unmatched efficiency. Its innovative gripper truck offers limitless profile clamping, enabling automatic loading without operator intervention. The gripper jaw secures material from the outside, with a hydraulic cylinder adjusting the clamping force to protect delicate profiles. A sensor pneumatically detects the material, enabling the gripper truck to approach profiles at 60 m/min, ensuring a fast and seamless production process.

High output per square meter

Maximizing efficiency and productivity

To maximize your unmanned production periods, this system utilizes three different outfeed zones, optimizing both space and workflow.
First, the automatic discharge system efficiently handles clean cuts, offcuts, and short products. A sturdy conveyor belt below the saw activates after each cut, quickly removing pieces up to 20 mm (3/4").
, the Short Product Removal system features two 600 mm (23 5/8") sections with a sensor that alerts you when they're full, ensuring smooth operations.
, pneumatic drag-dogs with noise-dampening strips guide products along customizable cross transports, boosting productivity by smoothly transporting products across different zones and ensuring precise positioning.

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