Our one trick pony, but quite an exceptional one!

He doesn’t really stand out. On the contrary. In fact, he is very modest. In terms of size. Yet the V71 makes a deep impression. With his hydraulic drive, he leaves his mark without any effort. To be precise: the machine marks up to 6 characters in 1 operation in the material. High time to introduce him.

The specialist in marking

The specialist in marking

The V71 has recently become part of our product portfolio. As the successor to the V70, but one with greatly increased user-friendliness. It is not the workhorse that performs various successive processes. More the one trick pony, but one powerful enough to stand out with the single processing it was designed for: the efficient numbering of steel baseplates, flat and angle profiles. A true specialist among the all-rounders who just 'do a bit of marking on the side'. For many companies in the steel construction industry, it is the ideal machine to have on hand. The V71 is easy to operate, requires little maintenance and takes up relatively little space. So, if you have a few square meters to spare in your workshop……?

Benefits of marking

Visible recognition for fast traceability of products moving through the workshop or construction site is becoming increasingly important. In order to facilitate the logistical process, product numbering becomes a great advantage. After all, the product can then be easily and quickly recognized at any time and linked to a project.

A real asset for steel processing companies

The strength of the V71 lies in its hydraulic drive. This makes it possible to mark deeper into the material, without removing material from the product’s surface. After-treatments such as blasting, painting and galvanizing also have no effect on the quality and visibility of the marking. This makes the V71 the ideal numbering unit where not only steel constructors but also, for example, windmill or bridge constructors can easily solve their tracing problems.