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At the machine level

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1. Autonomous processing with built-in intelligence

2. Process any product and connection

3. Continuous high product quality

4. Full automation on a small footprint

5. Short delivery and installation


The V807 robotic profile processor is capable of processing nearly any kind of structural steel shape. Features such as bolt holes, slots, seismic structural design connections (like rat holes, bevels, and dog bone cuts), clearance copes, square tube slot connections and marking on all 4 sides are just some examples of possible processes on the V807's robot thermal processing system.

4-side layout marking

Cutting through plate connection

Cutting bolts, slots and holes

Cutting stair stringers

Cutting Rat Holes

Cutting weld fit connections

Heavy oxy-fuel cutting

Cutting Dog Bones

Cutting T-programs

Cutting Weld Preps

Cutting Jay Allen

Cutting K-bevels

Cutting tube miters


Keep your workflow free from re-work, time lags, and on-the-spot manual adjustments. Ready-to-assemble products will save you a lot of time and hassle and your pre-calculated costs remain intact. In addition to a perfect fit, we also want you to be able to meet your standards. Our goal is achieved: To provide you with an error-free assembly where all your end products meet their quality standards.
An independent testing institute has successfully subjected our cutting robot to various tests. Our V807 passed with flying colors on all of these topics:

  1. Hardness
  2. Surface roughness
  3. Beam flange weld access hole quality
  4. Bolt hole sizing and positioning
  5. Perpendicularity


The Voortman V807 robotic thermal cutting machine as all other machines is delivered with the VACAM operating software, this means all machines speak the same “language”. This makes the V807 incredibly versatile and can be part of a complete new layout including roller conveyors and cross-transports connected to other Voortman processing machines, or as a stand-alone processing center.

We’ll work with you to come up with a solution for any situation you face – including implementation into an existing production line, or outside loading and roller conveyors. The roller-feed measuring system is completely integrated in the machine housing and offers complete freedom for planning and expansion in your workshop. You can start with a small layout and easily extend the machine with more automated logistics or add complementary machines at a later time as your business grows. Voortman makes machines that can grow with your company seamlessly when extra capacity is needed without increasing labor costs.



1. Multiprocessing in full automation

2. Precise and synchronised multi-axis movements

3. Nest, plan and buffer production

4. Eliminate complexity with the press of a button

5. Support and streamlines manual operations


Assemble-ready products

It is expected that more than 30% of your parts will need a beveled edge to make them more compatible with the welding process. By controlling nine axis simultaneously, pre-programmed bevel geometries with corresponding corrections, you can create high quality bevel cuts and weld preparations with one push of a button. Leaving you with parts that are ready for assembly.

Next step in hole quality

Xtended Hole Technology further optimizes the quality of various contours, based on the dynamics of our machine. We took the well-known True-Hole Technology from Hypertherm one step further to create high quality smaller contours such as slot holes and rectangle holes. All included in our VACAM Control Software, without additional license fees or purchases and ready to use.

Choose your marking tool

The Voortman V310 supports multiple marking methods, which puts you in full control of using the right tool for the job. Marking by milling and marking with plasma or Argon are the most common processes. These markings offer full flexibility in depth and remain visible after surface treatment. If you must comply with tight quality standards, you can opt for DOT peen marking. This tool offers a non-destructive process that leaves your plate surface intact. Ideal for jobs where quality restrictions are absolutely crucial.

Leave bevel corrections to us

No more complicated and time-consuming corrections on your bevel cuts. Our new Xtensive Bevel Technology is instant bevel cutting without pre-cut samples or calibrations. VACAM knows all complete bevel geometries and corresponding corrections, based on nose/land size, bevel angles and asymmetry. Based on Hypertherm Bevel Charts, extensions and refinements are added to make sure it is a perfect fit. Even if your plate dimensions are off, you're able to adjust and correct values while continuing the same nesting.

Milling at the push of a button

The milling functionalities allow you to process a full variety of contours. Our proprietary Automatic Tool Path Calculation eliminates the need for extensive preparation or process knowledge. Automatically calculated ramping cycles, required tooling and tool paths enable complete freedom in the creation of the most complex products.

Milling without limits

The V310 allows you to process any product you need without limitations. Small or large slotted holes where cutting is not an option or a variety of shapes with a variation in milling depths. Local clamping with auto-calculated milling paths provides ultimate flexibility in milling size, depth and shapes. Processing full parts on one station reduces additional costs and complex factory routings.

Cutting with Plasma

Plasma cutting is much faster than oxy-fuel cutting in the lower mild steel thickness range (3 mm up to 25 mm). Capital expenditures for the same size plasma machine are 75% lower than high-powered fiber lasers while maintaining or outpacing cuttting speeds at a medium thickness (12 mm) and up. For medium-to-thick stainless steels where oxy-fuel is not an option, plasma is by far the preferred cutting technology.

Optimized tapping

To provide maximum flexibility, our VACAM software distinguishes between fully drilled holes and blind holes. To prevent the tapping tool from colliding with the drilling bed during a fully tap, additional space is created at the bottom of the hole. We use a tapered tapping tool to extend consumable life. When processing blind tapped holes, the V310 automatically changes the tool with a blind hole tapping tool. Designed to move the chips to the top of the plate when there is no room at the bottom, preventing processing errors.

Effortlessly small tapping

With the recommendation from our tooling department, we have made the V310 suitable for the Thread Rolling Taps. You can now tap up to M6 without errors. Precise control over the axes guarantees perfect quality and long tool life even in the smallest application.

Next level drilling

Equipped with one of the larger drilling spindles in the market, the V310 enables carbide drilling up to 40 mm and thread tapping up to M30 with perfect matching feed rates. To support high quality drilling and lowered consumable costs, the V310 is designed with a very heavy and rigid bridge. This allows for a controlled and constant feed rate with no variances in chip thickness and cutting speed. Preventing additional costs and downtime with extended consumable life and a minimized chance of breaking a drill head or even a more costly drill body.

Unmatched countersunk holes

The V310 can use nine axes simultaneously during a single movement bevel cut. VACAM can control all axis with precise and synchronized movements to process the perfect countersunk hole with minimal rework.

Cutting with oxy-fuel

Advantages of Oxy-fuel cutting include low operational costs, low capital expenditures, and processing a wide range of thicknesses. An easy switch between the plasma torch and the oxy-fuel torch reduces downtime and a fast cutting cycle.