Advanced nesting software

Voortman offers the advanced nesting engine SigmaNEST for increasing material optimization and cutting efficiency. Advanced nesting algorithms ensure a better part yield and maximize material usage while optimizing the cutting cycle times.

Automatic nesting and NC programming

A powerful automatic nesting algorithm minimizes material scrap. The NC-path for the plate cutting machine is automatically created based on customer preferences. Plates can also be automatically cropped and remnants can be automatically created when desired.

Inventory management and stock control

The inventory management system within SigmaNEST offers a clear view on the available sheet stock and remnant stock. Remnants, once destined for the scrap yard can now easily be saved for future use. Traceability of remnants is also further increased in SigmaNEST version 10 because remnants can be marked with material certificate numbers, thicknesses and other preferred settings.

Bridge cut

The number of pierces, material waste and/or the cutting length can be reduced with options such as bridge cut and common cut. Big advantage of bridge cut with a Voortman V320 is that the product removal cycle only happens once every several products. This will optimize the production time even further.

Accurate cost and time estimation

During the quote stage accurate cost and time calculations can be made with SigmaNEST based on the cutting length, drilling length, positioning time and number of pierces. Cutting and drilling time can also be used to streamline the production process and optimize planning.

Pre-pierce and piercing zones

Pre-piercing allows piercing with older consumables or creating a drilled starting hole for an edge start. This decreases the intensity of the initial pierce and therefore decreases the consumable costs. The cut can be started with newer consumables with an edge start, starting from the edge of holes which keeps the cutting quality of the products high. Piercing zones can be set to optimize the cutting path and cutting speed when possibly crossing slag from a previous pierce.

Open architecture and integration with MRP

SigmaNEST is .NET compliant with an open architecture and offers automated links to MRP/ERP software for batch and Bill-of-Material (BOM) processing.

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