Wireless power and data

The Voortman V600 is equipped with a Bluetooth connection for data and power. Voortman uses a power rail for the power connection to the cabin. The power rail is less sensitive and requires less maintenance then a cable tray. The DSTV data for automatic programming is being transferred wireless via Bluetooth or by USB drive.

Automatic tool changing


An automatic tool changer with 5 tools is included with the machine; the tool changer ensures higher production as the machine does not have to wait for the operator to change the tool. To be able to move the drilling unit to the material in full speed, the length of every new tool is measured by laser when a new tool is placed into the tool changer. This eliminates touch sensing.

Moveable cabin


The V600 drilling machine is fitted with a movable drilling cabin. The cabin is provided with a housing to create a safe working environment. Positioned completely free from the floor, the housing will not be disturbed by any chips lying on the ground. 
The drilling cabin moves along a toothed gear rack with two frequency driven wheels. These driven wheels are also used as a measuring system to determine the cabin’s position. Several guidance rolls move along the top and the bottom of the drilling table for additional support. The frequency controlled drive and electrical operated brakes ensure smooth movement of the cabinet.

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