Great productivity

Fastest machine


The Voortman V550-7 flat and angle machine is more productive than any CNC machine in its range. By adding high performance hydraulics and a robust high speed gripper truck, the overall processing speed has increased immensely. Our Vacam control software optimizes the cutting sequence to reduce scrap to a minimum and by sensing the material length and nesting on the fly. All processes are so closely matched that waiting times are brought to a minimum. With servo controlled components and powerful hydraulics, we are able to perform rapid movements while increasing production cycles without compromising accuracy.

Automatic die selection


To reduce manual tool changes and downtime of the V550-7, the machine is equipped with 13 rotatable dies for use with 7 vertical punches. This allows you to process a wide range of thicknesses for each punch diameter without additional tool change. The hydraulically driven carousel is synchronized with the vertical punches to ensure a high-speed punching process.

Additional hydraulic numbering


One big advantage in terms of production speed is profile numbering by our hard stamping unit. This unit greatly accelerates the process with its possibility to stamp 36 different characters on the profiles bottom side, leaving only layout markings to the milling tool.

Active buffer management


Our in-house developed Vacam control software is known for its high quality when it comes to material handling. The flat and angle CNC machine is able to handle material up to 15 m / 50 ft. without any manual intervention. During the process the active buffer management secures a priority position for the first profile in line while buffering following profiles. By continuously shifting profiles toward the gripper truck, new profiles can be loaded onto the handling system where the gripper truck is always provided with material.

Fast cycle for variable lengths

The V550-7 flat and angle machine is equipped with additional sensors at the infeed side in order to achieve maximum output with a high speed production cycle while processing variable material lengths. The sensors on the gripper truck automatically locate the profiles location and length, making it possible to approach a profile at a speed of 1.2 m/s / 4 ft./s The length of profiles can vary from 6 m / 20 ft. up to 15 m / 50 ft. without affecting your production times.

Optimized angle line processing


A wider work space for the last three horizontal punches greatly improves the versatility in angle line processing. Up to three different punch diameters can be used without any manual tool changing during production. The extra distance allows each punch with their own diameter to process profile widths up to 200 mm / 8”. These three positions together with the horizontal punch make sure that manual tool changes, and therefore downtime is limited to a minimum.

Efficient sorting system


Our Vacam control software makes sure each product corresponds to one of the 13 bins. Full length profiles can be nested for use in multiple projects. There is minimal operator intervention thus allowing the infeed to perform a continuous buffering cycle for efficient production with a minimum waste of material. With the production efficiency of this sorting system, you can realize an increase of up to 25% over alternative systems.

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