Quality results

Minimal vibrations

V550 7 modules

The robust V550-7 flat and angle machine is designed for processing for a wide range of profiles with a variety of processes. When punching larger holes in 25 mm thick material our V550-7 machine displays very well its powerful performance. The modular construction and the absence of physical guidance means vibrations are immediately absorbed into the surface which eliminates further influences on other modules. Whether you process a 50 mm / 2” angle or a 500 mm / 19-5/8” steel flat bar, quality results are guaranteed.

New hydraulics


The CNC flat and angle machine is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system. The high and low pressure systems are separate and processes are performed smoothly with minimal vibrations. This low noise hydraulic system and design is a major benefit to the overall performance and ergonomics of the Voortman V550-7.

Revolutionary drill spindle


When the punching of holes is not required the new design drill spindle will be utilized. The V550-7 is equipped with a very robust designed spindle with variable speed and feed for all types of tooling. The development of this spindle has been conducted in close cooperation with a team of specialists. With their knowledge of processes and markets, this drilling spindle has achieved the two main goals: Performance and reliability.

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