User friendly

Clear control interface


To enable constant and efficient production the machine operators have access to a comprehensive yet simple interface of our improved Vacam control software. Adaptive behavior is one of its key features. It allows operators to perform task-oriented work in a dynamic environment. While switching between different production phases as preparation of production, the overall structure remains unchanged with new related functions applied. Our Vacam control software is appreciated for its consolidated graphical representation of the production process. Vacam is able to generate a clear overview of processes such as buffer management, production status and machine modules to assist with online support.

Easy tool changing


The flexibility of the CNC controlled flat and angle machine is enhanced utilizing the tool changer. Tool changing is very prevalent in daily production and great attention has been paid to the design of the Voortman V550-7 in order to increase efficiency and minimize set up and idle time. The punch assembly is now designed to the rear of the machine frame. Operators have free access to the tools in this area. The Voortman V550-7 then selects the appropriate tool by program CNC command. Tool changes are optimized to reduce changing to a minimum by the Vacam software.

Prevention of errors by measurement


Automated material handling takes over after loading the infeed with stock profiles. With detection sensors the infeed cross transports ensure infeed and buffering of profiles. Operators are able to manually load and unload the flat and angle machine without intervening the production process. The V550-7 is equipped with an additional width measurement for making sure the infeed profiles correspond to the loaded batches in Vacam. This prevents mismatches between profiles and processes by alerting operators with incorrect assessment.

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