Oxy fuel cutting

Oxy-fuel cuttingOxy fuel cutting is a relatively low-cost cutting process which is normally used for cutting low-alloy steels up to a thickness of 300 mm (12”). Despite upcoming processes like laser cutting and plasma cutting, oxy fuel cutting is still one of the most used cutting processes in the steel industry. The consumables are not expensive, the initial investment is relatively low and the process is simple.

Oxy fuel cutting video


A mixture of Oxygen and the selected fuel (Acetylene, Propane, Propylene, MAPP, natural gas, based on customer preferences) preheats the material to its ignition temperature. A jet of pure Oxygen is then directed in the preheated area which results in an exothermic chemical reaction that rapidly oxidizes the steel. This exothermic reaction creates more heat than applied which turns the oxidized steel in molten slag. This molten slag is then ejected out of the kerf. During cutting the preheat flame will remain active to stabilize heat transfer while the torch makes a continuous cut.

Above written process is constantly monitored by Voortman’s VACAM control software. Automatic Oxygen valves control the Oxygen pressure at all times. Not only will this ensure an optimal cutting speed but it will also reduce Oxygen consumption. Automatic height control using a touchless electrical capacitance sensor measures the actual height and compares this data with point values set by the controller. The automatic oxygen valves enable piercing up to a thickness of 200 mm (7-7/8”).


Number of torches: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Cutting up to (mm) 200 200 120 100 70 60



  Oxy-triple straight Oxy-triple bevel
Cutting up to (mm) 60 70


Based on lead-ins (Edge start or piercing) the software will regulate its Oxygen and fuel supply accordingly. It is also possible to interrupt the pre-heating time and start immediate cutting for an even faster process.

All Voortman oxy fuel cutting systems use a nozzle mix torch where the fuel gas and the Oxygen are mixed in the nozzle. Only the nozzle has to be changed to cut with a different gas or to cut a thicker material which ensures a single-minute exchange of die. The consumables used are available worldwide.

Oxy-fuel cutting

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