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SigmaNEST | One nesting solution that supports all your machines

An excellent nesting program is almost as important as the machine itself.
That is why all Voortman plate cutting machines are equipped with one of the most advanced nesting software programs available: SigmaNEST.

Unmatched customization and integration

Together with SigmaNEST, Voortman offers a wide range of modular and customizable functions to get the most out of your production processes. This automatic nesting software is installed on an office computer after which it is used to import files and nest them automatically into new or remnant plates.

Import most common 2D or 3D file formats

The software offers the possibility to import the most common file formats in the metal industry such as .STEP, .CDL, .DXF, .DWG and .DSTV. But nowadays companies are increasingly working with native formats. Whether you have a cutting company or you are a steel fabricator or a manufacturer, it's crucial that you effectively integrate your nesting solution with CAD programs you have already invested in. The CAD import module can be added and used to directly import native formats such as SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Creo, Inventor, Siemens NX or Catia. As a result, all information is maintained and duplicate work is eliminated.

Designed for integration

Due to the use of 3D models, it is possible to apply filters that recognize processes or features allowing you to separate the parts you want to import. From material grade and thickness to bend tolerances and processes, this module connects the systems that are integral to your core operations. SigmaNEST generates specific CNC-outputs for the machine, which will be converted to all required operations via Voortman’s VACAM software. Streamline your production process and get ready-made parts out of your machine with this nesting software!

Plate machines
with SigmaNEST

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