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Generate quotations more effectively, faster and accurately

Companies in the manufacturing industry industry as well as in steel fabrication benefit from quick and accurate quotations. The Quoting module gives you as a company an indication of how much work you expect to have in the future, but also which materials you need to have in stock, who your regular customers are and how many orders you may receive.

Quote converting with the click of a button

Voortman offers a simple quotation module whereby you can convert a quote to a work order without any effort, which ensures a short time to production. This module offers advanced functionalities with which quotations can be generated more effectively, faster and more accurately and outstanding quotations per customer can be followed up on.

Fully customizable quotes and reports

This module makes it possible to build customer specific quotations, including profit margins, transport costs and discounts. SigmaNEST, with Voortman machine processing information, automatically calculates processing times and allows for customizable costing calculations for any part or secondary process. Based on the imported files, the actual cutting and/or drilling times and the required material are automatically calculated which ensures accurate and consistent cost prices. This allows you to draw up an accurate customer-specific quotation based on your exact cost price calculation!

Detailed insights into cost calculations

It is important for every company to gain insight into the costs per product or the costs per project, in order to arrive at a correct pricing. This module offers you the opportunity to gain insight into all relevant costs assigned to the relevant product. The tool automatically generates the primary costs such as drilling and cutting, but other additional (manual) operations such as deburring, bending, welding, coating or varnishing can also be applied. In this way, the Quoting module can be set up completely according to your own machining processes.

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