CNC Plasma cutting machines

Steel fabricators and Manufacturers can ensure the utmost accuracy and reliability with Voortman’s CNC plasma cutting machines.

Our CNC plasma cutting machines integrate many functions to optimize your workflow and reduce your cost per part, including 3D precision plasma bevel cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, drilling and marking. Voortman plasma cutting machines are designed using the best quality components and tested thoroughly in our own production facility prior to release.

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Plasma Cutting Machines

Voortman V303 and V304 Flexible cutting & marking plate processing machines

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Voortman V310 The ultimate, most complete cutting and drilling flexible plate processing machine

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Voortman V320 Pass-through plate processing with automated unloading for small part production

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Voortman V325 Pass-through plate processing with automated unloading for small part production

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Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit Easy to add to the Voortman V303, V310 or V304 plate processing machine

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A level of automation and feedback you've never seen before!

Our next-level VACAM Software automates your plate production and provides lots of real-time feedback. Our machines have the largest touch panels in the market, and an easy-to-use interface makes it easy to navigate through them. But what really sets our machines apart is what's under the hood: One-button automation. It means that even the toughest processes can be carried out by anyone— Even if they have never done it before.

For example, do you want to create contours with mill quality on the Voortman V310? With the brand NEW Hybrid Milling functionality, you can save time and costs by opting to cut a part of the contour first, then mill away the remaining part. No process knowledge or programming needed; the machine makes these smart choices and does the work for you.

Speaking about smart choices, the software provides consumable proposals and shows tool overlap per nesting in order to maximize up-time and consumable lifetime.

Voortman's far-reaching emphasis on unmanned production

We make unmanned production as accessible as possible with our steel solutions. There's no need to be constantly present at the machine. When it comes to processing plates on the Voortman V310, simply cluster jobs, buffer multiple plates and activate the Unmanned Mode to bypass manual interventions for longer periods. The machine lets you know when to be present at the machine by the Operator Dashboard. During times when no one's needed at the machine, value can be added in other areas in the workshop.

Increase flexibility by adding our Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit

Cut like no one can with our NEW Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit. Easy to integrate and add to your existing or new V303, V310 or V304 plate processing machine. The unit fits into the working environment of the plate processing machine. From your familiar operator panel, you operate the pipe cutting machine. The Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit is the only one in the industry that allows you to cut pipes with the same quality you are used to from our plate cutting machines. Our True Volt technology is combined with a predictive model, based on the complete cut. This makes it the best cutting quality currently available and reduces your costs and consumables at the same time! It's a small investment for less welding and grinding.

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We understand your challenges

We understand the challenges that come your way, such as labor shortages, high labor costs and the high quality standards to make your products! Because of our own cutting production facility - Voortman Parts - where we cut our own parts with and for our own machines and years of experience in steel construction, we understand your challenges like no other. Whether it is about streamlining & automating your workflow, improving your product quality or making process considerations to make sure you can produce your product with the right process and plasma cutting machine, we will work with you from the very beginning to justify your plasma cutting machine investment!


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