Reduce part handling and production costs by creating weld preparations directly on your cutting machine! See how three sophisticated weld preps are created in three different thicknesses with the new V310 plasma cutting and drilling machine and Hypertherm's XPR300 plasma torch!


Reduce costs with automated beveling

Weld preparations covers by far the majority of where bevel cutting is used for and it is expected that more than 30% of your parts requires a beveled edge for further weld preparations purposes. A weld preparation is created primarily to increase the surface area of the edge of your product for a stronger weld.

Traditionally these weld preparations are created by a manual torch, by a milling machine or even by a manual grinder. Back then this was an in-between step between parts getting processed by a cutting machine and getting welded in a final or sub assembly. Nowadays, with the shortage of labor and increased productivity demands you’re facing, this work needs to be shifted towards the cutting machine. Machines such as the Voortman V310, 304 or V325 create weld preparation directly during cutting of your product. By doing so, one step of in-between handling and clamping/aligning the workpiece is eliminated. This reduces the amount of routing through your factory and reduces the amount of manual labor.

Explore Voortman's plate bevel cutting machines 

Voortman V310

Boren en Snijden
Thumbnail image
  • Zware stalen brug
  • Snelle gereedschapswissels
  • Instant cut technologie
  • Revolutionaire autogeen toorts

Voortman V304

Thumbnail image
  • Stevige stalen brug
  • Grote/dikke platen
  • Dubbele plasmatoortsen
  • Meerdere autogeentoortsen

Voortman V325

Boren en snijden
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  • Plasma bevel + autogeen snijden
  • SK50 / CAT50 boorspindel
  • Instant cut technology
  • Automatische productafvoer


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