Euroblech 2022 was dynamic, interactive and the trade show to present innovations. Thank you for the pleasant conversations and interest in our demos. We had the time together to think with you about what would best suit your production. Conversations in your own language by our representatives in German, English, French, Polish, Turkish and, of course, Dutch gave visitors a warm welcome. For those of you who were unable to visit our exhibition booth, we inform you what you missed.

This year's EuroBLECH was the stage for us to introduce our latest machines. The aisles around the Voortman V310 with the Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit and the Voortman Plate Sorter were pleasantly crowded.

On the exhibition stand, we had set up a special corner with our Red Tooling System and presented the options for maintenance and support. Being taken care of and being relieved when you buy a machine is what it's all about. Service has really become an important part of the machine. The complete package of machine, software and service was presented at the fair and really sets us apart.

The talks were of course about the machines, but current themes such as labor shortages and flexibility were hot topics. Automation is one of the solutions we can offer to overcome the shortage of welders. The Voortman Fabricator has proven our skills in fully automatic assembling and welding. We are particularly distinctive when it comes to software and ease of work preparation. The V310 with its many processing capabilities is surely one of our favorite machines. The demos of this machine were much visited.

Presented to you
during EuroBLECH 2022

Sortownik blach Voortman Łatwa dystrybucja części poprzez skanowanie, magazynowanie i sortowanie do produkcji stali

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Voortman V633 najszybsze na świecie wiercenie, znakowanie i frezowanie

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Voortman V310 Najlepsza, najbardziej kompletna maszyna do cięcia i wiercenia elastycznej obróbki blach

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Visitors enjoyed freshly baked syrup waffles and barista-style cappuccinos were served at the coffee bar.