Tower industry

The tower industry is the world’s largest industry that processes angle steel. Together with plates and flat bars, angle steel provides the foundation of steel constructions for:

  • Electricity towers / pylons;
  • Communication towers;
  • Transmission towers;
  • Broadcast towers.

Voortman offers solid and fast punching and shearing systems that are specially designed for these industries, based on high speed production with a minimum amount of waste. Let our flat and angle processing systems perform your required processes such as punching, shearing, drilling, numbering and marking.

Machines for this branch

Plate processing

Voortman V302

Thumbnail image
  • Reduced cut-to-cut cycle time
  • High quality holes
  • Plasma Marking & Carving(+)
  • Plasma & Oxy-fuel Cutting

Voortman V304

Thumbnail image
  • Strong steel bridge
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Plasma cutting (two)
  • Oxy-fuel cutting (multiple)

Voortman V320

Drilling and cutting
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  • Combined drilling and cutting
  • Accurate positioning with gripper system
  • Revolutionary oxy-fuel torch (one)
  • Automatic part removal

Voortman V200

Thumbnail image
  • Pre-cut plate drilling
  • Large plate sizes
  • Heavy table load
  • Automatic cycle

Flat and angle processing

Voortman V505-160T

Punching and shearing
Voortman V505-160T
  • Fully automated
  • High speed production
  • Minimal waste
  • Easy tool changing

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