Highly accurate movement

Master and support gripper

By utilizing two measuring grippers the plate always moves highly accurate through the system. The master gripper on the back secures the plate with three rigid clamps, while the support gripper at the datum line secures the plate with two rigid clamps. Because the support gripper moves independently from the master gripper the whole plate length is covered. The support gripper is always close to the processed area and allows the Voortman V320 to process flat bars as well. Processing full plate nestings or short plates is no problem because the support gripper is retractable, this means as much material as possible can be processed.

Helical rack and pinion and high precision linear guidance

The movement of the master and support grippers is servo driven with a helical rack and pinion transmission with minimum backlash. A high precision linear guidance moves the trucks in the length direction of the plate for highly accurate cutting and drilling results.

Precise drill and torch movement

The torch and drill modules are both positioned by servo driven ball screws over the width of the machine to ensure precise cutting and drilling.

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