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Voortman V310

The ultimate and most complete plate processing machine

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Drilling, milling and cutting

In a concise area

This machine helps your company expand your capabilities if you want to utilize a full range of processes for plates. The new Voortman V310 performs fully automatic carbide drilling, full contour milling and 3D bevel cutting. VACAM scheduling and buffering allows you to perform all processes in unmanned mode. The V310 maximizes processing uptime where a dashboard provides valuable information on process progress.

Because we're experts in drilling steel, we believe our V310 has a unique position in today's market. Our developers go above and beyond to create a variety of innovative and thoughtful solutions where each ready-made product from the V310 is linked to three of our most important goals:

  • Increased quality and capability
  • Strong degree of automation with process intelligence
  • Significant reduction of production costs due to manual errors

Take a look for yourself why this is considered an all-rounder.

1. Utilize flexibility on a single workhorse

Process ready-made products

If you're looking for a machine that can do it all, this is the one for you. This design comes with total flexibility in processes. By performing all steps of the production process on one single station, you simplify the production process and you save greatly on logistics costs. Because its versatility can accommodate almost any production task, this machine will never be idle; thus, it's an excellent investment.

Assemble-ready products

It is expected that more than 30% of your parts will need a beveled edge to make them more compatible with the welding process. By controlling nine axis simultaneously, pre-programmed bevel geometries with corresponding corrections, you are able to create high quality bevel cuts and weld preparations with one push of a button. Leaving you with parts that are ready for assembly.

Milling without limits

The V310 allows you to process any product you need without limitations. Small or large slotted holes where cutting is not an option or a variety of shapes with a variation in milling depths. Local clamping with auto-calculated milling paths provides ultimate flexibility in milling size, depth and shapes. Processing full parts on one station reduces additional costs and complex factory routings.

Optimizing tapping

To provide maximum flexibility, our VACAM software distinguishes between fully drilled holes and blind holes. To prevent the tapping tool from colliding with the drilling bed during a fully tap, additional space is created at the bottom of the hole. We use a tapered tapping tool to extend consumable life. When processing blind tapped holes, the V310 automatically changes the tool with a blind hole tapping tool. Designed to move the chips to the top of the plate when there is no room at the bottom, preventing processing errors.

Effortlessly small tapping

With the recommendation from our tooling department, we have made the V310 suitable for the Thread Rolling Taps. You can now tap up to M6 without errors. Precise control over the axes guarantees perfect quality and long tool life even in the smallest application.

Next level drilling

Equipped with one of the larger drilling spindles in the market, the V310 enables carbide drilling up to 40 mm and thread tapping up to M30 with perfect matching feed rates. To support high quality drilling and lowered consumable costs, the V310 is designed with a very heavy and rigid bridge. This allows for a controlled and constant feed rate with no variances in chip thickness and cutting speed. Preventing additional costs and downtime with extended consumable life and a minimized chance of breaking a drill head or even a more costly drill body.

Choose your marking tool

The Voortman V310 supports multiple marking methods, which puts you in full control of using the right tool for the job. Marking by milling and marking with plasma or Argon are the most common processes. These markings offer full flexibility in depth and remain visible after surface treatment. If you have to comply with tight quality standards, you can opt for DOT peen marking. This tool offers a non-destructive process that leaves your plate surface intact. Ideal for jobs where quality restrictions are absolutely crucial.

Unmatched countersunk holes

The V310 is capable of using nine axis simultaneously during a single movement bevel cut. VACAM is able to control all axis with precise and synchronized movements to process the perfect countersunk hole with minimal rework.

Plasma cutting copy

El corte con plasma es mucho más rápido que el corte con oxicombustible en el rango de espesor inferior de acero dulce (de 3 mm hasta 25 mm). Los gastos de capital de la máquina de plasma del mismo tamaño son un 75 % más bajos que los láseres de fibra de alta potencia, al mismo tiempo que se mantienen o superan las velocidades de corte con un espesor medio (12 mm) y con espesores superiores. Para aceros inoxidables de medianos a gruesos en los que el oxicombustible no es una opción, el plasma es, con diferencia, la tecnología de corte preferida.

Cutting with oxy-fuel

Advantages of Oxy-fuel cutting include low operational costs, low capital expenditures, and processing a wide range of thicknesses. An easy switch between the plasma torch and the oxy-fuel torch reduces downtime and a fast cutting cycle.

Cutting multiple strips

Strip cutting a complete plate can be a time consuming process. By putting an attachment of two nozzles to the revolutionary oxy-fuel torch, you are able to cut multiple small strips in a very productive way.

2. Go unmanned with next-level features

Optimal efficiency - even overnight

In order to provide you with as much machine feedback and information and to keep your plate processing machine running as efficiently as possible, ground-breaking functionalities have been added to our VACAM control software. Herewith, you can appoint your operators as managers, since their main task will shift from operating the machine to loading and unloading and managing the entire workshop. How? Read more below!

Efficient job clustering

If an operator notices some space or flexibility in the jobs scheduled by work preparation, he can decide to use the VACAM 'Scheduler' at the machine. Scheduler shows tool overlap between nestings and amperages, material thicknesses and tools per nesting. This helps cluster and plan nests more efficiently and strives for the best possible job sequence for a period of unmanned production.

Only be there when needed

Our dashboard shows the time per process, the number of operations still to be performed and the remaining production time. But most importantly; it shows when the operator needs to be present at the machine for a manual action. During times when operators are not needed at the machine, work can be done in other areas in the workshop. Or in other words; adding value where it is actually most needed at that particular moment.

Maximum up-time with buffer management copy

La función almacenador VACAM le permite cargar y programar varias placas en la lista del almacenador para ejecutar varias tareas seguidas sin la intervención de un operario. La vista general del almacenador le proporciona una imagen clara de los trabajos planificados y proporciona información a los operarios para determinar fácilmente los puntos cero, ver qué herramientas se requieren para cada trabajo y anticiparse a ellos. ¿El resultado? Menos intervención manual y máximo tiempo de actividad gracias a la máxima preparación.

Provide up to 27 tools

In addition to the 8 tools already present in the main toolchanger that moves with the bridge, this machine can be upgraded with an additional 19 tools. While processing and tool changing with the always closeby 'main toolchanger', other tools can be changed simultaneously in the additional and fixed toolchanger. This total amount of 27 tools allows perfect anticipation of all planned jobs, enabling longer periods of unmanned running with maximum uptime.

Allow VACAM to decide

It is not necessary to have full process knowledge or carry out manual settings, when tapping full or blind holes. VACAM knows which hole to tap and automatically selects the right tool for the job in a complete nesting. Preventing manual errors and downtime and allowing operators to focus on other activities around the machine or in the workshop, increasing efficiency.

Paperless job planning

VACAM Scheduling Overview makes job scheduling for work preparation easier and more reliable, taking away all uncertainty about scheduling and process times. Expected production times of each job enables work preparation to fit the jobs within the scheduled time. Operators can see which jobs can be processed and which need additional tooling.

Extend unmanned production

Even if you are running unmanned, there are still some manual actions that need to be taken. The Unmanned Mode feature works around these manual interventions in a fully automatic way with the available set of tools. If you use Unmanned Mode, you can continue operations for a longer period. For example, it allows you to perform overnight drilling operations in full automation, saving you a complete shift.

Optimize your entire production process

A perfect fit with SigmaNEST modules

All new functions on the V310 contributing to more interaction and feedback, align very well with existing SigmaNEST modules. Using SigmaNEST advanced nesting solution in combination with Voortman machines, allows you to optimize your whole fabrication process from work preparation to end product thus improving your business profitability. Let’s dive somewhat deeper into the specific SigmaNEST modules and the benefits you gain from it.

Más información

3. Increase interaction and ease for your operator

It doesn't have to be challenging

With built-in process knowledge and automations, your operator is relieved of specifically needed knowledge. A 24" touch panel provides valuable information and suggestions to make the production process as smooth as possible. We worked hard to simplify and shorten common manual tasks. The ease of your operator guarantees continuity in production quality and maximizes overall uptime.

High quality restarts

Several causes can interrupt the cutting process, with limited manual influences. But you can influence the way of restarting. Limit occurring costs due to lost parts affected by damaging restarts or time-consuming manual corrections. Here is where our extended restart functionality comes in! It creates an automatic arc-lead, allowing the plasma arc to continue its path with minimal damage to the product. After just a short downtime you are back on production quickly without additional costs, while retaining product quality.

Prevent unwanted costs

It's not uncommon for tools to be misplaced or misspecified during manual tool changes. Collision Detection checks whether the pneumatic cylinder reaches the given position, preventing the toolchanger from collision damage. Further maintenance is reduced with oil collection within the toolchanger instead of polluting the shopfloor.

Safe working environment

Multiple safety features ensure that your employees can operate in a safe work environment. A light curtain enables safe and easy access to the machine to remove finished parts or change consumables. Also, the safety distances to the heavy drilling unit are sufficiently large that no undesirable situations can occur.

Benefit from magnetic mounting

Because both the plasma and the oxy-fuel torches use the same mounting, they also share all the benefits that come from the built-in technologies. Such as, for example, the fast height control and True Volt. This is a magnetic mounting with only 2 perfectly attuned drives, independent of any form of tolerances with no calibration required. In addition to these advantages, the magnetic mounting also influences the speed in the production process. When collision occurs your operator can remount the torch with a magnetic system to get the machine up and running in no time. And with the same ease, you can quickly switch between different cutting thicknesses by simply exchanging the torches.

Largest panel in the industry

All information provided by VACAM is displayed on one of the largest panels in the industry. The 24” touch screen panel makes it easy to absorb all the information and be in control of the machine. Combining both touch screen actions and physical buttons, enables your operator to monitor the process up close for easy adjustments.

Easily nest within remnants or full plates

It's easy to check if your nesting fits into your remnant or full plate with the Plate Verification Feature. With a highly visible laser pointer, the entire outer contour of your nesting is traced. If needed, simply reposition and correct the zero point with the joystick on the panel. This also applies to remnants. Regardless of the position or shape, you only need an intact angle. VACAM can automatically recalculate all operations and zero points and rotate your nesting in the software. It’s a piece of cake!

Overnight drilling operations

Saves you a complete shift

4. Automate quality with no dependencies

Benefit from built-in intelligence

Our goal is to have you rely less on your in-house knowledge. We want the complex products to be made with the press of a button. Meet our new 'Xtensive Bevel Cutting technology', where even the cutting of complex bevels is fully automated and requires no manual correction or even pre-sample cutting. What about automatic tool path calculations for milling, where ramping cycle’s, required tooling and tool paths are all automatically calculated by VACAM? Combined with our Dross Inhibitor, for minimizing slag during piercing, TrueVolt Technology and Xtensive Hole Technology, the V310 is able to process the most complex products fully automatically.

Next step in hole quality

Xtended Hole Technology further optimizes the quality of various contours, based on the dynamics of our machine. We took the well-known True-Hole Technology from Hypertherm one step further to create high quality smaller contours such as slot holes and rectangle holes. All included in our VACAM Control Software, without additional license fees or purchases and ready to use.

Leave bevel corrections to us

No more complicated and time-consuming corrections on your bevel cuts. Our new Xtensive Bevel Technology is instant bevel cutting without pre-cut samples or calibrations. VACAM knows all complete bevel geometries and corresponding corrections, based on nose/land size, bevel angles and asymmetry. Based on Hypertherm Bevel Charts, extensions and refinements are added to make sure its a perfect fit. Even if your plate dimensions are off, you're able to adjust and correct values while continuing the same nesting.

Milling at the push of a button

The milling functionalities allow you to process a full variety of contours. Our proprietary Automatic Tool Path Calculation eliminates the need for extensive preparation or process knowledge. Automatically calculated ramping cycles, required tooling and tool paths enable complete freedom in the creation of the most complex products.

Heavy bridge for process quality

The V310 is equipped with a very heavy and stable bridge, which is resistant to high pressures. The feed rates won't be affected by environmental factors, ensuring minimized consumable wear and processing quality. You need full control, because a feed rate that is too low generates heat that affects the hardness of the material. The drill does not cut but grinds material which seriously affects its lifespan. A weaker bridge bends back to original position after fully penetrating a plate. As a result, the existing high feed rate often causes the drill tip or even the entire drill body to break. Additionally, the bridge limits the vibrations which minimizes the negative impact on processes for a clear positive influence on tool life and quality.

Perfect feed rates with double measurement

The V310 can switch between different feed rates to ensure high quality results while keeping the intermediate feed rate as fast as possible. It utilizes a double measurement system to determine when to switch to optimal rates. The clamp determines the first measurement point at which the drill can move toward the material at maximum speed. The contact of the drill with the material determines the second measuring point, where the feed rate is adjusted according to the material and hole dimensions. In this way the influences of accumulating chips on the plate are eliminated and drilling quality and extended consumable life are guaranteed. Depending on the processes, VACAM can determine whether to conduct a second measurement.

Superior precision

The dynamics of the V310 allow for a high degree of flexibility and optimal control over cutting heights and cutting positions. It is not without reason that a helical rack and pinion was chosen on both the X and Y movements. With its positioning accuracy of less than 0.1 mm, even heavy parts will be handled with precision. The load on helical gears is distributed over several teeth, resulting in reduced wear for the guidance and the transmission. To keep this wear to a minimum and provide you with maximum accuracy, the guides are protected by a flexible cover against dust and dirt.

Continuous quality with TrueVolt

With a fixed nozzle height relative to the plate, you get the most optimal cutting quality and consumable life. Our TrueVolt technology measures the arc voltage and corrects based on the real-time consumable wear, keeping that distance intact. When you are limited to predefined values you will notice that the head slowly moves towards the plate to keep meeting that value. A short distance can quickly lead to collision and even faster wear of consumables. Using TrueVolt, consumable wear does not affect the cutting process, which gives you optimal cutting results and extends the life of your consumables.

Oil against unwanted slag

Piercing plates always results in an accumulation of slag, which affects both your cut quality and your post-processing time. Our dross inhibitor is a small nozzle near the torch that sprays a layer of oil, just before piercing. Even a lump of slag is likely to influence hole quality. Oil prevents slag from adhering, leaving your operator with improved hole quality, less manual cleaning and no need to separate small, adhered products.

No calibration needed

High consumable costs are caused by wrong flame height settings. Our mechanical bevel design ensures a perfect height with low consumable costs and perfect cutting quality with no need for calibration. Especially when using two bevel units on the same X-rail, you cannot apply calibration corrections to both. That is one of the reasons our mechanical bevel design is preferred. If you want multiple parts to be aligned, it requires a lot of calibration from you or even from external service technicians. Our bevel unit consists of only 2 drives. These parts are perfectly attuned to each other in the manufacturing process. The mounting of this unit is therefore independent of any form of tolerances and requires no calibration. Combined with synchronized axis and accurate rack and pinion movements, you have full control over the cutting quality and cutting costs.

Fastest height control in the market

To properly correct for plate height deviations, the torch will touch and measure the plate for each new cut. Depending on the desired quality, this can be reduced or increased. It is unavoidable that cutting high-quality holes leads to a relatively large number of plate measurements daily. Measurements on a small product with four holes even indicate that more than 30% of the process time was taken up with movements. Our fastest height measurement then provides you with maximum achievable production time possible. Due to the magnetic mounting, the oxy-fuel torch benefits from the same fast height controls.

5. Maximize uptime and capacity

We help limit downtime

The V310 enables you to support and streamline manual operations as well as possible. You will experience the shortest possible downtime with little or no influences on the cutting process and product quality. Our customer service experts are at your disposal 24 hours a day and we also offer many options to prevent possible downtime. All our gantry moving plate cutting machines use the same X-rails, it allows you to combine or run different processes simultaneously. There will always be a match with your desired capacity.

A nice step up

An average nesting containing 400 products, an operator will have to step on and over the rails at least 200 times. That is why we have made sure that the step height of our X-rail is almost equal to a stair step, making loading and unloading easier. The more the day progresses, the more noticeable this benefit will be. This allows you to relieve your operators as much as possible while getting the most out of your cutting machine.

Reduced cut-to-cut time

Voortman's Instant Cut Technology enables you to reduce cut-to-cut time by greatly reducing the amount of initial height sensing. At the same time plasma pre-gas is already initiated during movement and retraction height of the torch is kept to a minimum. This combination of features ensures a strong increase in production speed. The difference is considerable, especially with small products and holes.

Take the cutting table from us

This machine is supplied with an in-house developed cutting table, providing a cutting and drilling deck that will prevent drill tips from breaking. Aluminum pins are placed strategically on the plate, minimizing the chance of collision with the drill while providing maximum support to the plate. With a minimum number of components, easy liftable cleaning bins and fixation parts placed outside the cutting section, this cutting table proves a 30% reduction in cleaning time. To achieve even more than 30% reduction, there is the option to opt for a shuffle conveyor below the table bins. Smaller parts are then automatically conveyed to the front of the table, together with slag. This eliminates the amount of cleaning time and the risk that these small parts are all covered by slag from successive operations, increasing the quality of your parts.

High level of finishing

Those experienced in oxy-fuel cutting know that slag can be blown around the machine when piercing material. To minimize the risk of fire and avoid unwanted downtime, all cables are fully covered and therefore protected. Even the gas boxes are safely stored behind a metal casing to minimize the risk of damage and to guarantee safety for operators.

Less manual cleaning for increased up-time

The Voortman V310 comes standard with a 200L bin below the filter unit to reduce the number of times the bin has to be emptied manually. Because during manual emptying, the machine has to deal with forced downtime. Where a smaller ton means a machine downtime of 10-15 minutes per day, with a larger 200L ton you will be able to increase your up-time up to 50 hours per year.

Hasta su capacidad

La construcción modular de la máquina y la mesa de corte le garantiza un rendimiento máximo. Amplíe su riel X y equilibre el procesamiento de placas entre dos pórticos. Todas las máquinas de procesamiento de placas de Voortman comparten los mismos raíles y añaden flexibilidad a sus procesos principales con funciones de taladrado o corte. Una cama de corte de 50 metros le ofrece 4 secciones diferentes donde puede procesar y descargar/cargar platos al mismo tiempo. Esta longitud también actúa como almacenador para los grosores más comunes en los que se minimiza la carga y descarga manual. Un pórtico doble con cuatro secciones de procesamiento que incluye todas las funciones de corte de placas de Voortman es la mejor manera de lograr la máxima capacidad y calidad posibles.

Siempre cerca de usted

Hay tres almacenes ubicados estratégicamente (este-centro-oeste) disponibles para proporcionarle una entrega de piezas rápida y eficiente. Deje que nuestros expertos le asesoren sobre qué piezas o consumibles son los más adecuados para sus procesos y máquinas. Con miembros del equipo de EE. UU., Alemania, Francia, Rusia y los Países Bajos, creemos que el idioma no es una barrera. Los almacenes de última generación están llenos de piezas de alta calidad de fabricantes de equipos originales (OEM) para que pueda sacar el máximo partido a su máquina.

Disponible cuando sea necesario

Podemos resolver el 90% de los problemas de las máquinas de forma remota. Hoy en día, todo está interconectado y podemos supervisar el software VACAM o ver su máquina junto con usted a través de una cámara externa. Con una cobertura completa de asistencia las 24 horas del día, tiene garantizado un especialista disponible cuando sea necesario.

Tome el control de su tiempo de inactividad

El tiempo de inactividad inesperado nunca es conveniente. Por lo tanto, tome el control absoluto de su momento de inactividad con el mantenimiento preventivo. Voortman es conocido por su excelente servicio al cliente y, para hacerlo aún más adecuado, ofrecemos diferentes etiquetas de servicio. Las etiquetas difieren en la cantidad de descuento, la formación y el mantenimiento (preventivo). La etiqueta roja es la más eficaz para continuar con la producción y la calidad y, por lo tanto, la más popular. Averigüe qué etiqueta es la más adecuada para usted.

Inventario transparente y que ahorra costes

Red Tooling de Voortman le proporciona una visión general rápida y clara del uso y el inventario de sus consumibles, lo que supone un gran ahorro en la gestión del inventario. Es un lugar central para almacenar todos los consumibles en el que los operarios ya no tienen que buscar o incluso perderse una nueva herramienta que aumenta el tiempo de actividad de producción y la calidad del producto. Un sistema de pedido automático garantiza una producción continua con las herramientas y existencias adecuadas. Todos los datos entrantes y salientes se muestran en un cuadro de mandos claro. Al realizar análisis en su tiempo libre, puede descubrir patrones y anticiparse a ellos.

Hear it from our customers

Egger Pumps - Gregory Dind - Suiza

«Ahora que tenemos la máquina de Voortman, todos los procesos se realizan con la misma máquina. Hemos reducido los tiempos de producción de las fresadoras, tenemos una mejor calidad de corte y menos trabajo limpiando las piezas para el posprocesamiento interno».
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SCW Contracting Corp - Andy & Steve Scrape - Estados Unidos

"Estas dos piezas de equipos funcionan increíblemente juntas. Producen a precios increíbles. Tener una sin la otra no sentiría realmente".
Leer testimonio

MMI Industrial & Steel - Dusty Pinckard - Estados unidos

"Hemos podido tomar más trabajos de los que nunca podríamos tener, y algunos trabajos no podríamos hacer sin tener el equipo."
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Voortman V310
  Voortman V310
Working width ft (longer widths available on request) 6 - 10
Working length ft (longer lengths available on request) 10 - 100
Cutting speed f/min 0 - 23
Rapid traverse speed f/min 65
Maximum cutting thickness (if oxy-fuel is attached) inch 8
Maximum drilling thickness (depending on available tool lengths) inch 8
Maximum torque lbf*ft 405
Drilling speed rpm (stepless) 0 - 3,500
Main toolchanger tools 8
Additional toolchanger tools 20
Drill holder SK40
Drill diameter inch 13/64 - 1-37/64
Thread tapping M6 - M30
Maximum number of plasma (bevel) torches 1
Other optional units 1 oxy-fuel torch


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