High level of automation

Automatic tool changing

Each drilling head has its own automatic tool changer with five tools suitable for HSS drills, carbide tipped drills, thread tapping, counter sinking, layout marking and center point marking. This feature combined with the overall unmatched automation level of the Voortman CNC metal drilling machines eliminates the need of an operator being present at the drilling line!


Automatic in- & outfeed


Push the button and start the complete process

After loading the DSTV or DSTV+ (completely nested) files into the processing list of our in-house developed VACAM operating software and loading the (optional) cross-transports with raw material, the drilling machine can be started with just one push on the button. Thereafter, the operator doesn’t have to do anything to help the production process but unloading finished products from the outfeed cross-transports.

Fully automatic profile transportation

Mechanical or double operated drag-dogs are used to transport the profiles onto the in-feed roller conveyor and of the out-feed roller conveyor. Detectors in the drag-dogs enable automatic transport of the profiles from the cross conveyors to the in-feed roller conveyor and into the machine, as programmed in the VACAM operating software. Selected products will then automatically be produced out of the trading lengths. After the process drag-dogs detect the profile and transport the finished product onto the out-feed cross-transports. The cross transports are long enough to carry multiple profiles, allowing the machine to operate independently for a considerable time.

Noise reduction

The cross transports are equipped with double polyamide strips to reduce the noise while transporting the profiles across the transports.

Even more capacity with Multi System Integration

The Voortman V630 CNC beam drilling machine as all other machines is delivered with the in-house developed VACAM operating software, which means all machines talk the same “language”. This advantage is used to connect and integrate two or more machines, as seen in the lay-out below virtually one production line called Multi System Integration (MSI) is created. VACAM constantly keeps track of all the material and the machines know exactly which raw length or part is entering the machine without any intervention of the operator.

The lay-out as seen above with the close coupled Voortman V630 CNC drilling machine, Voortman VB1050 CNC bandsaw machine and short product removal system in split configuration with a Voortman V808 CNC robotic thermal cutting machine can be run with only one operator. Because the material is drilled and sawed first, the robotic cutting machine, the Voortman V808, only processes cut to length parts. This means no manual removal of rest lengths out of the cabin is needed and thus less downtime.

Multi System Integration by Voortman


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