High level of automation

Truevolt technology

Voortman’s Truevolt technology is responsible for ensuring constant cutting quality and maximum consumable life as part of Instant Cut Technology. Truevolt corrects the exact arc voltage. By measuring the arc voltage, it can determine and maintain the optimal cutting height during processing. Maximum consumable life means less manual interaction, and therefore less machine downtime.

20-fold tool changer


Two automatic 10-fold tool changers significantly contribute to optimal automation. With 20 tools at its disposal, the Voortman V325 is able to process for hours without any manual intervention. The V325’s innovative control software predicts when the number of holes in a nesting exceeds the lifetime of the processing drill. If a new drill of the same diameter is placed in advance, the V325 will automatically change tools when the lifetime of the operating drill expires.

Automatic part removal


When the holes have been drilled and cuts have been made, the Voortman V325 uses an automatic product discharge table with a motor driven conveyor belt to further automate material handling. This allows the machine to work independently for a longer period of time without requiring part removal by an operator. Nesting bridge cuts can save up to 8 seconds of additional processing time per product by discharging each row at once.

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