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Arc glare protection


A full shield surrounds the plasma section of the machine to provide enhanced freedom of movement without wearing additional safety devices in the operator area. Since the energy given off by plasma cutting is considered equal to Gas Metal Arc Welding by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), operators and even other employees in the vicinity are supposed to wear glasses, goggles and helmets or shields with the right level of protection. This prevents serious and permanent damage to the eyes. To eliminate medical injuries and the cost of additional preventative safety devices, the V325 is the only machine available with full glare protection around the plasma unit.

Revolutionary oxy-fuel torch


The revolutionary GCE oxy fuel torch can only be found in the Voortman V325 plate cutting machine. This new torch equips standard GCE nozzles and can be easily exchanged with a bayonet mount for minimum downtime. The ignition and height control systems are integrated with automatic height control during cutting, creating one solid torch that aides the operator’s responsibilities. A built-in pressure gauge indicates the pressure during cutting for easy adjusting. The revolutionary torch is an integral part of the V325, making use of rapid height control that achieves maximum output.

Automatic material infeed and measuring


The V325 double measurement procedure on plates guarantees a match between the physical plate and the specified plate. After the plate is fed, length is measured with active lasers on the gripper trucks. The hydraulic clamp is responsible for height measurement. A preventive alert with mismatches are detected ensures human errors are reduced to a minimum.

Easy Vacam software

V325 control software

To enable constant and efficient production, machine operators have access to Voortman’s improved, comprehensive, and easy-to-use Vacam control software interface. One of Vacam’s key features is adaptive behavior – it allows operators to perform task-oriented work in a dynamic environment. While preparing for production and switching between different production phases, the overall structure remains unchanged with new related functions applied. Vacam control software is known in the industry for its consolidated graphical representation of the production process. It is able to generate a clear overview of processes, production status and machine modules to assist with online support.

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