Product discharge

Automatic discharge table


The Voortman V320 can automatically discharge cut products (up to a dimension of 500 mm x 500 mm) after the cutting process. The discharge table first lowers 75 mm to take the products out of the steel plate. Then by tilting to an angle of approximately 45°, the products will slide onto the product conveyor belt. The automatic discharge table allows the machine to operate entirely on its own for a considerable time, without the need of an operator to remove the products from the cutting table. With a bridge cut it is even possible to lower the table only once per several products, saving a few seconds per product.

Product outfeed conveyor belt

The products that are discharged by the discharge table slide onto the product conveyor belt underneath the cutting area. The products are then transported to the side of the machine, enabling immediate pick-up and eliminates down-time of the machine. A bin (not included) can be placed at the end of the conveyor belt to collect all products.

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