Hypertherm XPR300 plasma cutting

Plasma cutting technology is not new to fabrication but the capability and performance continues to develop. Voortman now introduces the latest in this technology: the new Hypertherm® XPR300™. Voortman offers this new technology on its entire product range that utilizes plasma cutting such as the V310, V320, V304, V302, V330 and V808 as shown in the image below.

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Advantages of the Hypertherm® XPR300™

The capabilities of plasma are significantly redefined with this XPR300™ plasma source, which provides considerable advantages for your production and ultimately your bottom line. 

Superior X-definition cut quality

The XPR incorporates X-Definition™ cut quality by encompassing the newest cutting technologies. This superior cut quality is expressed in mild steel with improved angularity, superior stainless steel cut quality across all thickness ranges because of gas mixing technology and superior results on aluminum by using Vented Water Injection. The capability and accuracy of the Voortman machines maximize the technology. The Voortman bevel head is also designed to take advantage of the improved torch design that enable bevels up to 52°.

Engineered system optimization

The XPR is engineered with power supply technology which delivers a highly responsive and rapid system feedback and automatically intervenes to eliminate events that negatively impact system efficiency and consumable life. One of the technologies contributing to these advantages is the Arc response technology™ with automatic torch protection and automatic ramp-down error protection (ARP). First, the torch is protected when consumables are used past their consumable life, which thus extends consumable utilization. Second, the automatic ramp-down error protection improves consumable life by automatically initiating when a cut is about to end in an uncontrolled manner and thereby eliminates the impact of ramp-down errors (see video below).


Optimized productivity and reduced operating costs

When combining the abovementioned factors of superior cut quality and engineered system optimization, productivity is optimized and operating costs are reduced. Furthermore, the high cut speed of 300 Amps and the power of 63 kW also contribute to optimized productivity. Finally, due to the cool nozzle technology which better cools down the nozzle of the new XPR300 by liquid cooling with the new 300 Amp range, consumable life increases which again decreases overall cutting and operating costs. With all these technologies, the consumable life increases 40% and operating costs can be reduced by over 50%.

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