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Plasma cuttingPlasma is rapidly becoming a preferred cutting technology worldwide. Plasma cutting ensures a faster cutting process then oxy-fuel at a lower thickness range and is possible with all conductive materials including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. With the introduction of the new developed HiFocus and HyDefinition plasma systems of respectively Kjellberg® and Hypertherm® which gives the plasma arc more stability and energy even higher quality cutting results are possible.

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Voortman offers various plasma cutting systems with maximum cutting currents from 130 up to 400 amps which allow our customers to cut plates up to 120 mm (4-3/4“) thickness.

Maximum plasma piercing and plasma cutting thickness

Parameters like kerf offset, height control, pierce time delay and gas flow are all controlled by our VACAM control software to ensure the best quality cut. All these parameters are automatically selected based on the cutting amperage and the material and thickness processed. The Voortman plasma cutting machines are standard equipped with an IHT height control. The distance between the torch and the material is constantly measured by an arc voltage sensor. When only the slightest deviation is sensed, the distance will immediately be adjusted, resulting in high quality cuts. Repositioning height is kept to a minimum to ensure the fastest processing times.

True Hole and Contour Cut

True Hole technology with Hypertherm® HyPerformance series and Contour Cut with Kjellberg® HiFocus series virtually eliminate taper on any inner contour or hole. The roundness and quality of the holes are also improved significantly compared to cuts without these technologies. Holes and inner contours without these technologies already show a dramatic loss in quality when the hole to thickness ratio is lower than 1,5:1. With these technologies hole diameter to thickness ratios can be as low as 1:1 without losing quality. The True Hole and Contour Cut parameters are standard integrated in our VACAM control software and are expanded to a wider range to ensure even higher quality cutting results.

With True Hole Technology / Contour Cut   Without True Hole Technology / Contour Cut


All plate cutting machines are able to cut mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The plasma gas and shield gas fully depends on the type of work.

Air is the most versatile plasma gas and it is used for cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Low cost, great consumable life, high speed and low dross levels make air a suitable option for many shops. Oxygen has become an industry standard for cutting mild steel. It is used because of the same reason Oxygen is used in Oxy-fuel cutting, because it reacts with mild steel which ensures a higher cutting speed than cutting with Air. Consumable life is shorter and the gas costs are higher but it ensures a better quality cut and secondary operations for removing dross are reduced.

Nitrogen is used for cutting low to medium thickness aluminum and stainless steel. Consumable life is excellent and it is far less expensive compared to Oxygen. For thick materials it is common to switch to an Argon/ Hydrogen combination. This plasma combination is relatively expensive but provides the maximum cutting capability. The HyPerformance and HiFocus series are all standard equipped with an automatic gas control which switches automatically from gas when cutting a different material or a different thickness. For marking the system automatically switches to Argon gas.

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