News - 17 April, 2019

Voortman V631 dazzles at NASCC

The Voortman V631 Dazzles at NASCC: The Steel Conference. Impeccable speed and buttery-smooth milling for structural steel fabricators. Check out this brief recap video from our NASCC 2019 booth!

V631 Drilling, milling and marking - Available now!

With the workhorse V631 you can drill, mill and mark all sides of a profile simultaneously without needing extra handling or turning the profile. The V631 is the first machine in its class to have web support for better web drilling and it's available with either roller-feed or feeder-truck measuring systems. It comes with the latest VACAM 4.0 software with upgrades to the user interface for operators.

  • 3 spindles, each with its own 8-station automatic toolchanger
  • Only machine in its class with built-in web support
  • Simultaneous drilling, marking and milling on all sides
  • Optimized milling paths

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