News - 10 March, 2023

Meet us at NASCC: The Steel Conference 2023 from 12 to 14 April

We're excited to invite you to the NASCC: The Steel Conference at Charlotte Convention Center from April 12 - 14, 2023. At the conference, we're thrilled to showcase the Voortman V807 robotic thermal profile cutting system. A real do-it-all machine that has already proven to be highly efficient and flexible for numerous steel fabricators, job shops and steel service centers across North America.

Our sales representatives will be available at booth 1136 to provide you with first-hand experience of the V807. This machine boasts an impressive capacity to handle profiles up to 44 inches wide, 18 inches tall, and up to 30,000 pounds, with a maximum rate of 200 feet per minute. Copes, bolt holes, slots, notches, bevels, weld preparation and layout marking - the V807 can process it all in one pass with the ability to reach all four material sides with exceptional speed and accuracy.

We would be delighted to demonstrate it to you!


We would also like to take this opportunity to share some other value resources with you!

The 10 most impressive features of the V807

The Voortman V807, also known as the ‘’do-it-all machine’’. This robotic beam and profile cutting system can process nearly any shape that needs to be produced. Voortman’s own Ben Morrall, Vice President of Sales at Voortman USA, takes you around the V807 and shows you what this machine really boasts about.😀 Watch this video to see the 10 most impressive features and benefits!

What our customers have to say

Not only Ben is impressed by the V807, but our customers are as well! They have expressed their satisfaction with the machine itself but also the entire Voortman experience, including the exceptional level of customer service. Take a look at some recent testimonials from steel fabricator Drake Williams Steel Inc. in Omaha, Nebraska, and job shop Elite Welding in Millwood, Kentucky.

Drake Williams Steel Inc.

Sean Conaway - Fabrication manager

"It's so remarkable what this all-in-one machine can do. It really is the best experience we've had in years."

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Elite Welding & Industrial Services

Charles Gordon - Owner

"It's allowing us to go after a lot bigger customers, a lot larger tonnage projects."

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Growing presence in North America

Voortman Steel Machinery is the leading global supplier of automated fabrication equipment with a large parts, service and sales division based in the heart of North America. Voortman is continuously developing new machinery and software solutions to meet the increasing demands of current customers, while diversifying into new market segments. Voortman works with you to identify the best solution and tailoring systems to ensure you can reach your processing goals.