News - 16 June, 2020

New customer testimonial: SCW Contracting, USA

SCW Contracting, USA


Check out how SCW Contracting in California USA improved their opportunities and capabilities by harnessing the combined potential of a V310 plate processor and V808 coper for shorter lead times and better service and support.

SCW Contracting Corp

SCW Contracting Corp, located in California USA, started in 1980 by Andy and Steve Scrape’s father. After working their way up the company, the two brothers now manage the day-to-day operations of the business after working every chance they could in their father’s business.

“We learned how to weld probably about the same time we learned how to ride bikes,” said Andy Scrape, Vice President of SCW Contracting.

Now with about 50 employees working at SCW Corp, they recognized the need to be more efficient with their warehouse space while demand was growing.

“As the economy got better and we got busier, we found ourselves actually running out of space in our shop and actual capacity,” explained Andy. “We started looking for outside vendors. It helped us – we were able to produce more with the same amount of people in the same space, but they also got busy.”

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