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Processing and layout marking on all four sides

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Automated marking saves time and cost in the assembly area of your workshop, and the V807 can automatically mark all four sides of the profile with its ability to completely reach all sides of the material, even the underside. When marking only three sides, assembly employees still need to perform manual measurements on the fourth side of the profile. That’s why the Voortman V807 was designed to reach across the entire cutting area to create the most automated plasma cutting machine in its class.

Fast profile measuring

V807 header 2

The V807 robotic thermal profile processor uses a measuring sensor attached to the cutting torch nozzle for fast, reliable and precise measurements. During the cutting process the difference between actual and theoretical dimensions are automatically compensated in the machine parameters to ensure the most accurate product possible. To speed up the process even more, the coping robot only measuring the sides of the profile that will actually be processed.

Roller feed system with secure clamping and accurate measuring

The V807 roller feed measurement and clamping system locks profiles in exact position and maintains alignment throughout processing. Hours of production can be saved with a roller feed measuring system compared to a pusher/gripper truck which needs to go back and forth for loading the next profiles. Voortman’s roller feed system can operate with full automation within a standard range of profile processing when using Voortman’s automated in-feed cross transports, with enough stability and support to properly position and process beams up to 15.000 kg (44,000 lbs).


Efficient nesting; low scrap

Many plasma cutting robots require a perfectly trim cut after finishing a product before it can start processing the next piece, but the V807 doesn’t need to perform a trim cut. The V807 can import DSTV+ files or use VACAM’s beam nesting module to create continuous nestings and get the most product from each stock length to reduce costs.

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