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Fast profile measuring

Profile dimension measurement by robot
The Voortman V808 robotic thermal cutting machine is equipped with the new faster and more accurate versatile Panasonic TL-1800G3 coping robot. The torch nozzle of the robot is fitted with a measuring sensor to measure the exact profile dimensions. The difference between actual measured profile dimensions and theoretical dimensions are compensated during the cutting process to ensure the most accurate result possible. To save time, the coping robot only measures the sides of the profile that will actually be processed.


Powerful measuring and clamping system
The Voortman V808 is equipped with a powerful roller feed measuring and clamping system. This fully automatic measuring roller feed system is the fastest positioning system as it does not require a pusher or gripper to return home before loading the next piece saving hours each week. The measuring system operates fully automatic within the range of 10 mm (3/8”) till 500 mm (1911/16”) by 60 mm (223/64″) till 1250 mm (497/32). The maximum positioning weight of the roller feed system is 15.000kg/33.000lbs which makes this measuring and clamping system more flexible and powerful.


Optical and disk profile measuring
A measuring disk which automatically moves to the correct height is installed at the clamping position for accurate length measuring. The front measurement is carried out by laser measurement fitted straight after the feeder roll and on the robot.


Sliding roller conveyors

The V808 is designed with two cutting areas in which the profile can be processed on 4 sides completely from front to back. This means that no material is wasted while it can’t be processed. Next to this, the V808 can be equipped with sliding roller conveyors to reduce the minimum infeed and outfeed length from 2.500 mm (100 inches) to 1.400 mm (55 inches) in full automation in combination with cross-transports and in- and outfeed roller conveyors.


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