High cutting quality

The Voortman V808 robotic thermal cutting machine is equipped with the agile Panasonic TL-1800G3 coping robot. Due to the fact Voortman has added two extra axes on top of the six axes of the Panasonic robot itself the machine has a very wide reach. This new robot is lighter and has more accurate encoders for higher accuracy and better cutting quality. Also the base frame of the Voortman V808 has been redesigned; the robot is no longer mounted in the back of the cabin but in the front. Besides this, the top beam where the robot is mounted is even more rigid than before, which reduces vibrations to a minimum. During cutting, the robot is now programmed to always position itself as close to the top beam as possible, this again results in better cutting quality.

Extensive hole performance

The Voortman V808 offers advanced integration with High Definition plasma cutting and high quality bolt hole cutting with the Voortman Xtensive Hole Performance. Holes cut with Xtensive Hole Performance (thickness versus diameter 1:1 or less) comply with taper tolerances as defined in the EN 1090-2 and AISC.

The Voortman V808 does all cuts needed in the structural steel industry

After importing DSTV files straight from your 3D modelling software the Voortman V808 can start producing immediately without any editing by the operator. Importing DSTV files is standard included in the VACAM operating software. The Voortman V808 does it all:

Flange removal

Castellated beams

Stitches on corner

Nested profiles

Channel weld fit

Beam weld fit

Pipe support

Dog bone

Beam splitting

Jay Allen

Straight & mitre cuts


Slotted holes

Bolt holes

Profile cut-outs

Material efficiency

The Voortman V808 doesn’t need a clean cut with every new product in a nesting. Besides reducing the scrap to a minimum this is also a time saving option as the last cut of a product is also the first cut of the next product.


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