Oxy fuel cutting

The Voortman V808 robotic thermal cutting machine can optionally be delivered with an oxy fuel cutting system. The thin and long design of the oxy fuel torch enables it to reach parts of the profile, which the plasma torch cannot reach due to its size. Switching the oxy fuel torch with a plasma torch and vice versa can be done in a minimal amount of time.

Automatic gas control

For oxy-fuel cutting Voortman added proportional valves for automatic setting of pressures to eliminate manual intervention. Gas required for cutting is fed through a magnetic valve with backfire protection. An automatic ignition and pressure limiter on the burner unit prevents over pressurization of the system.

Cutting thick steel

Despite upcoming processes like laser cutting and plasma cutting, oxy fuel cutting is still one of the most used cutting processes in the steel industry. The consumables are not expensive, the initial investment is relatively low and the process is simple. With a product thickness of more then 50 mm we will use oxy fuel cutting.

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