Great productivity

Fast height control

After the nesting is started and the machine starts cutting, an average of more than 30% of the total processing time is the positioning time of the torch and the constant initial height sensing (IHS). So you can imagine that, reducing your cut to cut time or positioning time significantly reduces your total processing time.

To reduce your positioning time, we developed the Voortman Height Control (VHC), the fastest height control on the market. Together with optimized cut to cut paths positioning times have been reduced to a minimum. The VHC is used for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting and has a speed of 365 mm/s and an acceleration of 2000 mm/s2 which is unmatched.

Double your production capacity with two plasma torches.

The Voortman V304 can be equipped with up to two plasma cutting torches for even faster processing. Based on the nesting and position of the products the Voortman V304 automatically determines if it can cut with two torches or just with one plasma cutting head. During a nesting it can also switch between one head or two plasma cutting heads automatically.

Best nesting algorithms with SigmaNEST

Voortman offers the advanced nesting engine SigmaNEST for their plate cutting machines for increasing material optimization and cutting efficiency. Advanced nesting algorithms ensure a better part yield and maximize material usage while optimizing the cutting cycle times. At Voortman we always include SigmaNEST in our steel processing machines because we believe an excellent nesting program is as important as the machine itself.

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