High level of automation


TrueVolt corrects the arc voltage for the electrode wear. The torch probes the material and measures the arc voltage at the exact same point to correct for electrode wear. The probed value will be the reference point for maintaining the right height during the cut.

The arc voltage is therefore not based on standard values in the software but a variable based on consumable wear. A constant cutting quality is guaranteed during the main lifetime of the consumables. The consumable life is also maximized because the torch height stays the same even when the electrode is almost fully worn. With TrueVolt actions from the operator are reduced which minimizes human errors.

In Phase 1 the torch measures the plate height by Initial Height Sensing (IHS) and moves to its pierce point. In Phase 2 the plate is pierced and the torch starts moving (cutting). At predetermined sample point (IHS-point) a sample of the arc voltage is taken. This sample determines the reference arc voltage which will be followed for the rest of the cut.

Initial Height Sensing (IHS) and move to pierce point (Phase 1)

Pierce and move to sample point (Phase 2)

Automatic bevel calibration

With the automatic bevel calibration feature in VACAM, the software compensates for any mechanical inaccuracy causes by a torch collision. The compensations are required to cut a perfect bevel product. The automatic bevel calibration feature is standard included in our own-developed VACAM software. The corrections are calculated automatically by the software. No operator knowledge or operations are required so human errors are eliminated.

Automatic nesting and NC-programming with SigmaNEST

Voortman offers the advanced nesting engine SigmaNEST for their plate cutting machines for increasing material optimization and cutting efficiency. Advanced nesting algorithms ensure a better part yield and maximize material usage while optimizing the cutting cycle times. A powerful automatic nesting algorithm within SigmaNEST minimizes material scrap. The NC-path for the plate cutting machine is automatically created based on customer preferences. Plates can also be automatically cropped and remnants can be automatically created when desired and stored in the library.

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